louder than words women on move

Last Updated on November 26, 2019

This program has been postponed. A new date will be announced as soon as possible.

Developed by Louder Than Words, a cross-cultural, intergenerational art collective, WOMEN ON THE MOVE transforms a 26-ft truck into a mobile billboard and resource center to aid in the prevention of assault, harassment, and domestic. The photography project’s current emphasis is on the challenges faced by women whose experiences are often the most marginalized: those who often fear reporting due to retaliation, fraught relationships with law enforcement, or fear of detention.

Setup outside of The Main Museum, there will be events throughout the day, including guest speakers, street interventions and video screenings. Once participants enter the truck, they will encounter a resource center equipped with videos, oral histories, informational materials, camera artwork and posters from the Center for the Study of Political Graphics.Volunteers will be onsite to engage people passing by in conversation and offer free artist-designed posters.

This program is open to all and is presented in conjunction with the exhibition Rigo 23: Ripples Become Waves. The exhibition will be open during the program. All Beta Main exhibitions and programs are FREE.


LOUDER THAN WORDS (S.A. Bachman+Neda Moridpour) is a cross-cultural, intergenerational art collective that targets assault, harassment, domestic, women’s reproductive health, and homophobia by combining activism with courageous art interventions. 

S.A. Bachman recruits art in the service of public address while examining the ways capitalism and misogyny conspire to jeopardize women and the outnumbered. Her socio-political critique exposes the insidiousness, white privilege and conformity. Her practice resides at the intersection of art and social justice and focuses on the nexus between political power, public policy and social discipline. 

Bachman’s photographs and interventionist projects have been exhibited in the United States, Australia, Spain, China, and The Czech Republic and has been supported by the National Endowment for the Arts, Center for Cultural Innovation and Massachusetts Cultural Council. Bachman’s artwork is in the collections of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico City, The Rose Art Museum and the Center for the Study of Political Graphics.

Neda Moridpour is a socially engaged feminist artist, advocate and educator. Born and raised in Iran, a strong awareness of gender discrimination, inequality and censorship permeates Moridpour’s methods and philosophy. She approaches art as a social practice, crossing disciplines and boundaries to explore social issues while establishing dialogue and mobilizing communities. Her art reorders entrenched cultural gridlock via bold round-table talks, visual and performative interventions and lens-based practices.  

Her collaboration with A Window Between Worlds, I CAN WE CAN, engaged more than 20,000 participants globally and her work with the [P]Art Collective brings together artists and professionals to exchange ideas about social issues in Iran via artmaking. Moridpour’s work is in the collection of the L.A. County Museum of Art and was recently exhibited in Islamic Art Now, Part 2: Contemporary Art of the Middle East.