Paul pescador screening

When shooting photography it is important to know what your goal and subject is. Securing the right gear will depend on what you will be shooting and where you will be shooting. Without this information you will struggle finding the right gear for your photography needs. Once you know what you want to shoot and […]

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louder than words women on move

This program has been postponed. A new date will be announced as soon as possible. Developed by Louder Than Words, a cross-cultural, intergenerational art collective, WOMEN ON THE MOVE transforms a 26-ft truck into a mobile billboard and resource center to aid in the prevention of assault, harassment, and domestic. The photography project’s current emphasis

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mindfulness self care tools healthy joyful living

Spaces for self-care and self-retreat become a critical part of our daily living. Facilitated by Victor Narro, Art Project Director of the UCLA Labor Center, and Laureen Lazarovici, spend an afternoon discovering mindfulness practices that we can be implemented at any time to keep us centered and grounded. Over the course of the workshop, participants will discover

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How We Do It

Join artist Star Montana as she brings together a group of women-of-color photographers to discuss their use of photography, zines, and social media to make visible to the world the places and people in their experiences. Participating photographers are: Valerie J. Bower Arlene Mejorado Desilu Muñoz How We Do ItCaptured by Priscilla Mars ABOUT Star Montana (b. 1987)

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imaginaries of the future

Kang Seung Lee, Untitled (Derek Jarman’s Garden), 2018. Graphite on goatskin vellum, 5 x 7 inches.  How can we move beyond the territorialized and rigid formation of traditional identities to speak instead of unfolding identities engaged in multiple simultaneous processes of collective becoming? How does migration contribute to the construction of new and unfolding imaginaries of

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travis diehl program sfjey

Writer-in-residence Travis Diehl presents parts of his essay on “The Snake,” a soul song from the 60s that has become a right-wing spoken word hit at Donald Trump’s rallies. A great book take on this subject. Diehl’s analysis of “The Snake” winds through the weeds of our polarized politics, drawing in particular on the swampy edges

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feminism4d symposium

Organized by students enrolled in the Public Practice MFA program at Otis College of Art and Design, FEMINISM 4D explores ideas around contemporary feminist aesthetics through conversations on food, self-care, language, and the future. In addition to presentations that will challenge the form a symposium can take in a feminist context, participants will also be

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performance river of everyone river of no one

Experience a site-specific dance performance that embodies Carolina Caycedo’s River Serpent Book, a recently completed publication that encompasses five years of research on the significance and impact of damming rivers. Using the book as both a score and prop, the performance incorporates ideas about fluidity, water, containment, and environmental justice through African Diasporic dance practices. Along with

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quiet isn’t kept amplifications in black voice

Experience an afternoon of music and poetry, as artist Micah James brings together performers who explore the Black queer existence through a multitude of lenses. Participating artists are Eddington Again, Bapari,  Black Gatsby, Brandon Drew Holmes, Micah James, Thed Jewel, Amanda-Faye Jimenez, Naeem Juwan, and Adee Roberson. Quiet Isn’t Kept: Amplifications in Black Queer VoiceCaptured by Pablo Simental Micah James is an artist working in LA, making songs, stories,

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performance mecca vazie andrews title x v 1

Mecca Vazie Andrews, Artistic Director of the MOVEMENT movement, activates Beta Main’s gallery space through dance and multimedia performance. Responding to the artworks currently on view, Star Montana: I Dream of Los Angeles as well as Alice Konitz’s Circle Chairs and Triangle Chairs, Andrews engenders a conversation between both that explores migration and connectivity in a new cultural age. Seating

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Mightier than Metal, Sturdier than Concrete: Robert King and Albert Woodfox on the Struggle of the Angola 3

This article is archived from the original text Dr. Robert King and Albert Woodfox are the two surviving members of the Angola 3, the world-renowned trio of prison reform activists (Herman Wallace, died on October 4th, 2013, three days after his release) exonerated after enduring decades of solitary confinement at Louisiana State Penitentiary—the largest maximum-security prison in

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Poetas Potion

In conjunction with Beta Main’s current exhibition, Star Montana: I Dream of Los Angeles, join us for an evening of poetry, music, and zines that celebrate Los Angeles’s Chicana community. This article is archived from the original text as published For photography guides and tips read these articles: Best Camera with Mic Input Best Camera

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