Zomei Z818C Tripod Review

Last Updated on April 20, 2021

Zomei Z818C Tripod

Here is another low cost tripod from Zomei. The Z818C was tested and you will be surprised with the results.

I am constantly on the look out for better equipment and when shooting night shots, macro, wildlife and landscapes having a great tripod isn’t just a luxury. It’s a requirement.

So after being put through it’s paces, I am ready to provide you with my thoughts on this budget friendly tripod.

Key Features

Newly designed ZOMEI Z818C aluminum alloy tripod, it can bear a payload of up to 7kg. It is equipped with superior magnesium alloy leg locks, which are more convenient than the traditional twist locks.

The anti-skid rubber feet and coated surface increases the friction between the tripod and ground, providing a greater degree of stability compared to other tripods in its class.

Who It’s For

The Zomei Z818C is a tripod that is perfect for photographers that are on a budget and looking for a decent performing tripod aimed at pro photographers

What We Love About It

When I saw the price of the Z818C, I thought this must be a cheap tripod. but to my surprise it’s much better than I expected. The quality far exceeds the price tag.

I love the build quality and it is very easy to use. The design and build really makes this tripod a great buy and is much better than other tripods in the same price range.

The head has an angle gauge, which is a great feature, due to it’s importance on tripods in macro photography.

What Could Be Improved

If Zomei could make this tripod even better that would be great. I’d love to see a larger ball head so that even more equipment can be mounted on it.

How It Performed In Our Tests

We put the Zomei Z818c through it’s paces to see what it can really do. I had a great time testing this tripod and I think you will too. The only problem that I saw was that the leg locks didn’t lock down quite tight enough for my liking. This is a minor issue though and won’t effect your journey to owning this great piece of equipment.

Bottom Line

The Zomei Z818c is a low cost tripod that will not disappoint you. It has a great design and is very sturdy. I’m confident this is a tripod that will make your photography sessions much smoother.