Zomei Z669C Review

Last Updated on April 20, 2021

Zomei Z669C

I’ve been using the Zomei Z669c tripod for months now and have gotten to know it well. I’ve taken it on vacation, blasted it with sand and saltwater, and even used a road bike to see how it would fare. The results? One fantastic tripod that I’d recommend to anyone in the market for one.

The Zomei is one of the most affordable tripods available and performs better than some of those costing five times as much. It holds up well to vibrations but can’t handle strong winds or larger cameras without some tweaking. So let’s get on to the full review and you will know if it’s the tripod for you.


The Zomei Z669c has a lot of features that make it an excellent tripod for the price. Let’s start with the included head. The Z669c includes a 3-way pan/tilt head to allow for precision movement and locking down to keep the camera still even in windy conditions. It has a quick release plate so you can quickly remove and replace your camera, especially useful if you need to switch between taking photos and video.

There is also an included carrying bag that zips up and converts to a backpack. It’s large enough for the tripod itself to fit in along with other accessories.

The leg sections are designed to be removable so you can take the tripod with you when you need a monopod, making it a very versatile tripod for travel use.

Who It’s For

The Zomei Z669c is a great option for someone who needs a tripod but isn’t looking to spend a ton of money. While it’s small and light enough to travel with, it holds up well enough that you can use it for studio work as well. It also works great for mounting up lights and other accessories to take on location work and it’s one of my favorite macro photography tripods.

What We Love About It

If there is anything we love about this tripod it’s the versatility. The flexibility is one thing that sets this tripod apart from the rest, allowing it to be used for so many different uses while still remaining strong enough for any of them. The tripod comes with plenty of accessories and is easy to handle, making it a perfect choice for anyone on a budget.

What Should Be Improved

The biggest problem which we see with the Zomei Z669c is its durability. The joints on all three sections feel a bit flimsy. I haven’t had it break but other tripods feel much more robust in their construction.

How It Performed In Our Tests

I’ve taken the Zomei Z669c on trip after trip, as well as bringing it along with me to the studio. It’s never let me down and has proven to be a great companion for my photography work. I’ve even used it for video while traveling by road bike while biking across Iceland.

It performed equally well in windy conditions as it did in the desert sand of Joshua Tree National Park (which is more than I can say for some of my lenses).

Bottom Line

I think that if you need something that can do it all at a low price, the Zomei Z669c is a great choice. The tripod is versatile and durable enough to hold up in studio work or on location shooting. While its construction could be a bit higher quality, it’s still an amazing tripod for the price—one you should consider for your next camera purchase.