Types of Product Photography

Last Updated on March 16, 2021

Product photography has grown immensely over the years. You likely encounter hundreds of product images on a daily basis between web advertisements, television, and traditional print advertising. And everyday more products are being produced and photographed.

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And the reason product photography is so insanely widely used is because it works! Well shot products just plain sell better than poorly shot or products that are not photographed.

Photographs are incredibly powerful, as they can help the viewed visualize themselves using the photographed product. This creates a cascade of psychological effects that lead to sales.

Product photographs lend a level of trust that cannot be captured in only a written description. Product photography done well let’s a potential buyer know everything they need to know about a product. And because it works so well, you can find many different types of product photography. Read on for an exhaustive list on the many different types of product photography.

Studio Product Shots

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Product photography’s rise in popularity comes from the massive growth in online shopping. Millions and millions of products are sold every week online and everyone of those products is accompanied by photographs that help the buyer know what they are getting since they can’t hold the item in their hands.

Studio product photography is utilized by online retailers for picturing their products. This style of photography allows for closeup images of all sides of a product to be taken. These items are small enough to be photographed in a studio using studio lighting and product photography cameras and product photography lenses.

This is style of product photography is efficient and allows retailers to photograph large volume of product lines quickly which is very important in this industry.

White Background Photography

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White background photography is the most commonly used background in shooting products. A white background allows for a floating effect of the product which really makes it pop. This can be accomplished by using a physical white backdrop or in post production when processing the image. You will find a lot of products listed on Amazon utilize this technique.

Using Scale in product Photography

This technique is utilized when it is important to ensure the viewer knows the actual size a product is. Often times this is accomplished by having a person holding or using the product so size can be determined compared to the person in the image.

Grouping Products

This technique is used when there are options available within a product type. By picturing the different options together in a single image the viewer is able to see the differences better to see which version of the product they prefer. An example of this would be if a product comes in different colors. Showing the color options in a single image allows the viewer to compare them easier.

Action Product photos

This is the technique of photographing a product being used as intended. This allows for the viewer to visualize using the product themselves. This can be a powerful selling tool as a viewer who can see themselves using the product is more inclined to purchase it.

Studio Photo Setups

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This is common in photographing lay downs of clothing. This technique allows the photographer control over the lighting and setting of the product even when a high volume of products need to be shot. This style gives the photographer control over the arrangement of the product while being shot.

Another fashion example would be the use of mannequins. This will allow the photographer to shoot the product at all angles without having to pose a model.

Non Traditional Product Pictures

This style of photography is not intended to sell a particular product, but is instead meant to sell an idea. These photos include staged settings that promote an idea that may lead to sales.

An example would be a store that shows a scene of a couple wrapping Christmas gifts, where no actual product can be seen.

This image could be meant to advertise their gift wrapping service or used to prime buyers for purchasing products from them by invoking the joy of gift giving.

Hanging Product Photos

This technique is similar to using a mannequin when photographing clothing. By hanging a product it will look more “alive” by giving it a feeling of three dimensions. This is often performed by hanging a product with clear fishing line.

Photographing Large Products

Extremely large products can be challenging to photograph in an attractive manner. This style of photography often requires you to take your studio to the product. This could mean shooting the product in use or in the a factory setting. Large product photography requires creativity and a skilled photographer.


Taking high quality product photos is very important when it comes to making sales. A well photographed product will allow the viewer to see themselves using the product which will lead to more sales, which is ultimately the goal of product photography.