11 Types Of Portrait Photography [Complete Guide]

Last Updated on April 3, 2021

Portrait photographers are able to capture the personality, mood, and lifestyle of their subject while also providing an interesting view of them. In this article, we’ll be discussing eleven examples of portrait photography to give readers an idea as to what they’re looking for when searching for a portrait photographer.

Find Out All The Different Types Of Portrait Photography

1) Headshots

man smiling in a head shot

Headshots are used in a number of different situations. It can be used for acting, modeling, press releases, or attending a school. For instance, when an actor is hired for a role in a film, or when an individual desires to apply for college. Generally, it’s used to convey the personality of a person and show their determination and determination to achieve.

2) Studio Portraits

assorted portrait shots

Studio portraits are for people who want something special for their home or office. They’re generally expensive because they’re one-of-a-kind pieces of art that are not mass produced. This type of portrait is about showing off the subject’s personality and style.

3) Event Portraits

portrait of bridal shower

These are used around special events like weddings, or baby or bridal showers. They’re also done for promotional purposes. Because they’re for specific events, the photographer can have a good understanding of what the event entails and how to capture it in interesting ways.

4) Family Portraits

family portrait

These are done to capture the family as a whole and show their relationships together. They’re often used to celebrate special occasions and are a great way to capture a variety of different emotions and expressions throughout the day.

5) Group Portraits

group portrait of kayakers

Group portraits can include a group of people who have been hired for an event, or it can be an ordinary gathering A gathering of friends or family for fun. They’re great for showing a variety of different expressions and relationships between people.

6) Engagement Portraits

engagement photo of couple

These are done for individuals who are getting married to show the couple in an interesting situation or place. They capture the love between the two individuals, and show off their personalities.

7) Body Portraits

portrait of man's back

The body portrait is used to capture an entire person or part of a person’s body. When looking at a portrait, you should be able to tell whether it’s front facing or side facing. A well done body portrait is about capturing the personality of the subject while also emphasizing their physical features.

8) Glamour Portraits

glamour portrait of two young women

Glamour portraits are used to impress members of the opposite sex. They’re designed to show off a person’s confidence and sex appeal. The subject is usually put in an interesting situation and shown casually for their personality.

9) Lifestyle Portraits

man embracing woman in kitchen

Lifestyle portraits are generally non-posed photographs that capture the subject in a natural setting. They’re not posed and are usually shown in a simple, but interesting way. They don’t tell a story or show off anything about the subject, but they’re great for showing the day-to-day life of a person.

10) Maternity Portraits

pregnant woman portrait

These are generally used to honor the mother-to-be, or celebrate how far she has come. A maternity portrait is designed to show off the woman’s body and her emotions throughout the time leading up to delivery. It is designed to tell a story and capture the essence of the pregnancy.

11) Creative Portraits

woman underwater portrait

This type of portrait allows for the photographer to let their creativity run wild and free. They’re an artistic expression that is not bound by any rules or restrictions. These types of shots can be more challenging, but they are great for showing a bit of artistic flare in your portrait.


These are just a few of the many portrait photography examples that you can use when trying to find a photographer. All of these portraits have their own nuances, and they’re designed to capture the subject in an interesting, but artistic way. When looking for a photographer, you should keep these in mind so you know what you’re looking for.