Best Places For Nature Photography In Maine

Last Updated on April 9, 2021

Maine is one of my favorite places to visit because Maine has so many beautiful places to take pictures of nature and wildlife. I want to share with everyone some of the places I really enjoy visiting while living in Maine. These are my top 5 favorite places for nature photography:

Acadia in autumn

Shapleigh Pond

This pond has its own waterfall and really is ideal for wildlife pictures. You can even take a trail and see the waterfowl as they come to the water. I like this place because you can get some really nice nature photography without being too close to the action.

Shaw Mountain Trail near Greenville, Maine

This is a great place to take nature pictures. You can see waterfalls from a distance and the wildflowers are absolutely beautiful in the spring and summer. This trail is easy to walk and will take you through wooded areas. If you look closely enough, you may even spot a moose or deer in this area. This is a great place to bring your camera for some nature photography.

Acadia National Park

There are many trails here that have wonderful scenic views. You can capture a lot of beauty on film without disturbing the wildlife. This is a great place to just walk around and enjoy the sights. There is also a lot of history within Acadia National Park so take some time to learn more about this area while you’re there.

Wolfe’s Neck State Park

This park has georgous ocean views and it’s a great place to hike. The trails are suitable for the whole family and many spots along the route provide a great view of the ocean. This park is located in Freeport and is open year-round so you can go anytime that you want.

Sebago Lake State Park

This is a beautiful park for nature photography. The scenery is breathtaking. It has several hiking trails that lead you to different parts of the lake and some wildlife. There is a lot of history in this area, so you can learn more about it while you are there. You will also have access to the lighthouse, which makes an excellent background for pictures.

Lamoine State Park

Lamoine State Park has several hiking trails that are great for nature photography. The trails are easy to walk on and there is plenty to see along the route. One of the best parts about these trails is that they go through peaceful meadows and forests, so you can really enjoy the sights. You can also learn more about the history of this area while you’re there.

What To Take With You

When you go on one of these nature photography trips, there are some things that you should consider bringing along. Here is a list of some of the things I take with me when I go on these trips:


Nature Lens



Sunglasses and sunscreen for protection from the sun.

A snack or two and water to drink.

Extra batteries.

Waterproof bags or cases to put your camera and other equipment in. I usually keep my equipment in a waterproof bag and put it somewhere that it will stay dry.

A hat or cap for the sun, as it can get really hot out there. You can also buy some sunscreen to put on before you go out, especially if you are going to be taking pictures in direct sunlight.


I hope that this article has provided you with a few ideas of places you can visit for nature photography in Maine. Whether you’re hiking to get better views, or simply driving along the roads, there are so many beautiful sights to see in Maine. Maine is such a wonderful vacation spot because you can go there year-round and there will always be something new to see. I highly recommend visiting any of these places for nature photography in Maine because they are so beautiful.