Nikon D7500 Review

Last Updated on April 9, 2021

front of nikon D7500 camera

The Nikon D7500 is Nikon’s newest flagship DSLR camera. It has a sensor with an effective resolution of 24.2 MP and ISO sensitivity from 100-25600 which changes automatically. There is also a 51 focus points, 45 cross-type sensors for fast autofocusing and 5 fps continuous shooting speed for action photography.


back of Nikon D7500 Camera

The D7500 has a 24MP APS-C CMOS image sensor with no optical low pass filter (OLPF). This high-resolution sensor realizes natural-looking images with rich detail and a natural tone-mapping characteristic. The combination of the D7500’s high resolution image sensor and unique tone mapping ability allows you to create beautiful photos even at high ISO settings in low light.


The D7500 can shoot up to 5 fps with an AF system that supports 153 AF points of which 95 are cross-type points (compared with the 45 cross-type points found in other Nikon DSLRs). The D7500 includes a new Group Area AF mode that identifies moving subject types (animals, people, etc.) and automatically customize the AF point coverage for faster focusing in those situations where a particular subject moving across the frame is of interest.

The camera’s EXPEED 5 image-processing engine enables shooting at up to 5 fps, full-resolution images with precise tracking and focusing even in difficult lighting conditions.

A pre-set AF area mode makes it easy to set the camera for fast and accurate autofocus using the central point. You can also set the camera to automatically switch between AF-area modes by pressing the Fn button, such as continuous-servo AF for shooting moving subjects or a more compact single-servo AF mode for shooting still subjects.

The D7500 features a 51-point autofocus system with 153 cross-type sensors (compared with 45 cross types in other Nikon DSLRs). With the combination of these two cross type sensors, one on each side of the sensor, the camera’s autofocus performance is improved. The Nikon D7500’s AF system features the same category-leading number of points (51) and high-density layout as the D500 sensor (compared with 45 cross types in other Nikon DSLRs). This enables flexibility and speed for a range of challenging situations.

High-speed, precise autofocus is especially important when shooting moving subjects. A new Group Area AF mode focuses on specific clusters of subject types to enable faster focusing that is better suited to moving subjects, including animals, kids, water sports and so on.

The D7500 has a native ISO range of 100 to 25600, which can be extended to 50 (Lo-1)-204 (Hi-2) as well as an H:25600 setting.

Who Is It For

The Nikon D7500 24.2 MP DX-format CMOS Digital SLR camera is designed for users looking for a high-resolution, fast continuous shooting and versatile all-around camera to shoot diverse subjects ranging from sports to wildlife to portraits.

What We Like About It

We really like the design of the Nikon D7500. It’s not too sleek; it’s not too bulky. The grip is just perfect, it just fits your hand and you feel so comfortable that you are ready to shoot. We also liked the menu system because it is designed in such a way that everything is simple and easy to understand, there are very few settings for which we had to ask someone else what they do!

We especially liked the fact that this camera can shoot very fast, up to 5 fps. That is perfect for sports and action shots. We love the image stabilization function, it is superb! We also liked the video capabilities, especially the Full HD (1080p60) and HD (720p120).

The D7500 is not just a camera for photographers who like to shoot sports or action shots, it’s an all-around versatile camera that can be used by everyone. The settings allow you to set exactly what kind of picture you want to take, which makes it incredible easy to use.

What We Don’t Like About It

There is one thing that we didn’t like – the battery life is poor. The D7500 battery is only good for about 200 shots. After this, you will have to change it – and the replacement process is not nice at all! You have to remove a very small screw to remove the back of the D7500, turn it upside down and then push two buttons on the side of the camera to get out the old battery and put in a new one.

How It Did In Our Tests

We always start our tests with the colorimetry, the ability of the camera to reproduce colors correctly and accurately. We found that the Nikon D7500 produced a great color spectrum – in all types of lighting conditions.

When we tried to shoot in a low-light situation, we did some test shots and we were surprised to see that those pictures turned out really well. We also took a few pictures at dusk and they turned out nice as well.

We used the D7500 to take pictures of people, pets, landscapes and sports. We found out that it did a nice job shooting in all types of situations.

Should You Buy It?

As you can see from our review, the Nikon D7500 is a high-quality camera that offers you great performance and versatility. This model offers an excellent performance for taking pictures of people, pets and landscapes as well as sports and action shots.

Bottom Line

The Nikon D7500 CMOS Digital Camera with 24.2 MP DX-Format sensor and FX-format FX-format Image Processor (EXPEED 4) is an excellent camera to take any type of picture. It can be used by anyone, from the amateur photographer shooting portraits to professionals using it for sports or action shots. You will find that it offers a great performance, whether you are shooting portraits, landscapes or sports.