Best Newborn Photography Bean Bag

Last Updated on March 21, 2021

Are you searching for the best newborn photography bean bag for baby poses?

A high quality baby bean bag will help you safely pose your baby for amazing infant and newborn photographs.

baby laying on soft bean bag

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When posing your baby for the perfect newborn shots it can be challenging without the right tools. One of my favorite ways to pose baby’s is with a bean bag.

Posing your baby for awesome pictures is so much safer and easier when laying them on the bean bag. But it is important to get a high quality model to ensure your baby’s safety. Here are my picks for the best and safest bean bags and posing pillows for baby photography.

Best Bean Bag For Newborn Photography Top Picks

PoseBaby Pro Newborn Photography Bean Bag

This large, studio size bean bag is my overall favorite for baby poses. It is large and sturdy making it safe for up to three babies during photo sessions. It is perfect for all classic infant poses. It is very well made, constructed of vegan faux leather that provides the perfect amount of grip to keep blankets in place. This bean bag is very popular with professional newborn photographers and also makes for a great posing prop for parents. It does not come with the filling but this bean bag filler works great.

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  • 40″ x 12″ perfect size for stability and multiple babies at a time
  • Durable construction
  • Vegan faux leather offers excellent grip

Travel Size PoseBaby Pro Newborn Photography Beanbag

This is the smaller version of my top overall pick and it also offers great safety, durability and price. If you travel as a professional baby photographer or just don’t need the large size of the bean bag above then this is the model you should grab. It provides the same high quality construction and non slip surface perfect for safely posing babies for classic newborn photography pics. It comes in a bit lower priced than it’s larger version and is easy to clean. This is the filler I would recommend for this model.

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  • Portable size 32″ x 10″
  • High quality, durable construction
  • Non slip surface, vegan faux leather

First Landings Newborn Photography Pillows

This ultra comfy and safe newborn photography pillow set offers a lot of posing options. They are designed to provide safe support for your infant’s head, back, neck, and body making it a very safe option. It is designed for both indoor and outdoor use making it flexible and functional. It is great for baby boys or baby girls and allows you to drape blankets over it to customize the look of your images. It comes in at a great price as well making it a solid value option.

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  • High quality construction
  • Safely supports baby’s head, neck, back, and body
  • Ideal for boys and girls
  • Designed to be used outside or inside

PoseBaby Pro Newborn Photography Posing Beans

This is a great set of newborn posing pillows that come with five different sizes for great versatility and portability. The largest of the beans bags is 13.5″ and they go down in size to 7″. These simple props are perfect for classic infant photography poses. They are safe for your baby and are easy to clean. The contoured shape provides support to your baby while encouraging curved body poses that are the most pleasing to capture.

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  • Safe and easy to clean
  • Five different sizes per set
  • Pre filled
  • Portable and durable

M & G House Baby Photography Basket

This professional quality bean bag basket is a great low cost way to get great baby poses. It has gone through 50 skin sensitivity tests to ensure it is gentle on baby skin. It provides a safe and stable base for getting all the classic infant poses. It is perfect for draping blankets or other props to get a unique look to your baby pictures. With it’s durable construction and safety it is a great overall value bean bag basket.

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  • Well constructed and safe for your baby
  • Tested to be gentle on babies’ skin
  • Perfect for capturing classic newborn poses
  • Great value


When setting up your baby for great photos there are a number of props available but the classic newborn posing bean bags are a must have. It offers flexibility and safety for capturing all the classic newborn poses. When it comes to props used for infants and babies safety is the number one priority. All of the top rated newborn photography bean bag picks will offer you the safety and functionality you need.

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