Best Nature and Wildlife Photography Spots In Texas

Last Updated on April 7, 2021

Texas is one of my favorite states to shoot nature and wildlife photography. I’ve spent many hours of my life exploring the beauty in Texas and shooting some really incredible photos. I’ve decided to share with you where I find to be the best spots for capturing nature and wildlife photography.

Amazing Locations For Texas Wildlife and Nature Photography

Palo Duro Canyon Canyon TX

Palo Duro Canyon (Canyon, TX)

This place is one of the most amazing sights I’ve ever seen in my life. The canyon is huge and overwhelming to look at. The colors are just insane. I love hiking here at sunset or sunrise when the colors are really popping and the deer and other wildlife are moving around. Sometimes it’s hard to get good shots since the deer seem to be watching you. But I still manage to get a few nice ones at these times.

Goliad State Park (Goliad, TX)

This is such a gorgeous place full of nature and wildlife. You might have to get there really early in the mornings to beat the crowds, but this place offers some incredible scenery. The bluebonnets are gorgeous here in the spring. There are many trails to hike and the views just never seem to get old.

Sam Houston National Forest (New Waverly, TX)

This place is beautiful year round and the weather here is pleasant most of the time. This forest offers some walks and hikes that will leave you breathless. The colors change with the season so you’ll always want to come back here again. If you go at night during the summer, there are many fireflies around and it’s so magical.

Balmorhea State Park (Toyahvale, TX)

This park is just plain beautiful! There is a nice little town with a great place to stay. It sits in the middle of the desert with all the cactus surrounding, so it’s crazy to think that there’s some water under there. The spring pool water is crystal clear and gorgeous! The colors of this place are somethings that I really haven’t seen anywhere else in Texas. It really is a magical place with something for everyone.

Agua Dulce (Agua Dulce, TX)

This place is so incredible when it’s full of the colorful wildflowers in bloom. It’s a great place for all kinds of wildlife photography, but I like to shoot local wildlife here such as the lizards, hawks, and possibly even the golden eagles. There are also lots of deer roaming around here that you might see too.

Houston Arboretum (Houston, TX)

This place is just like it says: an arboretum. The flowers here are in bloom year round. It’s definitely better in the spring when the cooler weather is still around, but it’s still beautiful throughout other times of the year. There are so many different types of flowers here that I’ve never seen before and lots of color all around. Your eyes can get lost looking at all these beautiful plants and flowers along with the sky above them.


Texas is one of the most amazing states in which to shoot nature and wildlife photography. I hope you enjoyed reading this article and learned something from it, and if anyone has any other suggestions, just let me know!