Mother and Daughter Photoshoot Posing Ideas

Last Updated on February 3, 2023

When it comes to capturing a bond as special as the one between a mother and daughter, a photoshoot is the perfect opportunity. The memories created will be cherished for years to come and will serve as a reminder of the love and connection shared.

But, with so many poses to choose from, it can be tough to decide which ones to go with. That’s why we’ve put together a list of some of the best mother and daughter photoshoot posing ideas to help you capture that special bond in all its beauty. Whether you’re looking for a classic, traditional look or something a little more playful, we’ve got you covered.

So, let’s get started and find the perfect poses to commemorate your unique relationship!

1. Mother and Daughter Interacting Side by Side

mother and daughter standing next to each other outside

One pose that should be a part of every Mother and Daughter photoshoot is standing side by side and interacting. This is a simple way to get started, and it helps to break the ice. If the daughter is a younger child, the mother can crouch down and put her arm around the daughter as if she is telling a story.

2. Mother Giving the Daughter a Kiss

mother giving daughter a kiss

Another pose that captures the essence of this mother-daughter relationship is having the mother kneel down and give her daughter a kiss on the cheek. The key is to make it natural and capture the love in this special relationship. It is important for the pose to be natural, including the child’s reaction. This type of photo memorializes the bond between mother and daughter.

3. Mother and Daughter Eskimo Kisses

mother daughter eskimo kiss

Another great pose that works well for mothers with young daughters is the eskimo kiss pose. The mother can kneel down and they can touch noses. This is a very natural photo that captures the special connection that they share.

4. Mother Holding Daughter on Her Lap

mother and daughter sitting pointing up

This pose can take a variety of forms. The mother can sit and wrap her arms around her daughter, or they can both face the camera. This pose can create a number of different photos. It can start with a formal pose facing the camera, and then they can rock together, hug each other, and laugh together.

5. Mother and Daughter Tummy-to-Tummy

mother laying with daughter on floor

This pose is ideal when the daughter is a baby or a toddler. The mother can hold the baby facing her, and it creates an intimate image for them to share. The mother should not be hidden in her embrace, but she should be visible to the camera. The daughter can snuggle her mother and face the camera as well.

6. The Flying Pose

baby holding baby up

The tummy to tummy pose can lead to a number of other great poses. The mother can turn around to catch different angles, and she can hold the baby up in the air in front of her. If the camera is slightly below the mother and daughter, it adds height to the pose, and it is easier to capture the joy on the daughter’s face as she flies in the air above her mother.

7. The Standing Pose

mother holding daughter

For older daughters, a great pose is to have mother and daughter stand side by side turned at an angle toward each other. They can take their outside arms and put the hand on the hip, and they can hold their inside arms behind each other’s backs. This is a classic pose that is flattering to both mother and daughter.

8. Matching Outfits

mother and baby in matching jackets

Mother and daughter can wear complementary outfits that are the same although different. They can choose a theme such as floral or bohemian, or they can have similar styles of clothing. This can show the bond between them. It is a good idea to try to catch them in a candid when they are wearing similar outfits so that it looks natural.

9. Holding Hands While Walking

mother and daughter holding hands together

A great way to capture a mother and daughter scene is to photograph them walking and holding hands. They can be on the street, in the yard, or walking down the beach. This gives them a chance to smile and interact naturally while they are being photographed, so they won’t be as self-conscious.

10. Mother and Daughter Seated at a Table

grandmother mother and daughter sitting at table smiling

Another great idea for a pose is to have the mother and daughter seated at a table. Have them sit next to each other with a table corner between them, and they can engage in a conversation. This is a great way to capture the way they interact with each other, and it shows the true nature of their relationship.

11. Dress up

Mothers and daughters of any age can dress up together to create some magical photos. They can try anything from princess and queen to Halloween costumes, and more. This type of shoot is a lot of fun and helps them to smile effortlessly for great photos. Breaking the tension with this kind of theme really helps the mother and daughter to relax and enjoy the photo shoot.