Most Instagrammable Places In Savannah Georgia

Last Updated on April 6, 2021

Savannah is one of my favorite places for taking street photography and it is also a great place for grabbing some great Instagram pictures. I have picked the top 8 locations in Savannah, Georgia that are perfect for insta’ing.

Take A Selfie At These Great Savannah Locations

boneventure cemetery walkway

1) Forsyth Park – Rest your tired feet at this beautiful park while taking in the sun and casted shadows of live oak trees. There’s plenty of benches to picnic on as well as a few monuments like ‘The Little Girl Drinking Water’.

2) Savannah College Of Art & Design – SCAD is a campus full of beautiful old buildings that are mostly in the Art Deco style with beautiful pillars and statues.

3) Bonaventure Cemetery – Okay, this one might not be great for photos of yourself but it is great for photos of you doing things like walking up stairs to an old mausoleum or looking down at some tombstones.

4) Bay Street – Get a shot of yourself and your friends people watching from the steps of one of Savannah’s many banks.

5) The Cotton Exchange – This building is from the late 1800’s and was used as a cotton exchange. It was recently remodeled into an upscale dining area (along with loft apartments above it). From the outside looking in, it is perfect for checking out and doing some interesting shots of both yourself and the architecture.

6) City Market – Visit this historic part of Savannah and get a unique photo in front of the building or the gate. There are plenty of restaurants, bars, and shops to visit with interesting architecture.

7) City Market Fountain – Visit this icon and snap a photo of yourself surrounded by Savannahians in their Sunday best. You might even find some fellow tourists snapping selfies and Instagram pictures.

8) The Historic District – Visit this historic section of Savannah and get a cool photo outside one of its many abandoned buildings against the backdrop of Spanish moss on the live oak trees.


Savannah is a great place for photography. It has a diverse mix of both the old and the new along with a rich culture of its own. The affordability along with the places to visit makes it an ideal place to travel to for specific photo taking opportunities. If you are traveling to Savannah, check out my other articles about Savannah Georgia and Instagram some fun photos from your trip.