Most Instagrammable Places In Grand Rapids Michigan

Last Updated on April 6, 2021

Grand Rapids is a great city for photographing yourself and the surroundings. Below are some of the places that make Grand Rapids an amazing city for Instagram.

If You’re Near Grand Rapids, Visit These Locations For A Great Picture

grand rapids michigan skyline

1) The Gerald R. Ford Museum has plenty of aesthetically interesting scenery and is a great place to take selfies with friends or family. The museum is located on Pearl Street NW, in downtown Grand Rapids. It brings history to life and is a fun place to take pictures.

2) The Amway Grand Plaza Hotel has great places for selfies, when visiting the hotel. There are many photo opportunities here, like the lobby, where you can find a lot of marble statues. The pool also has interesting places to take pictures at as well. The hotel is located on 44 Monroe Avenue NW in downtown Grand Rapids.

2)The DeVos Museum is an art museum in Downtown Grand Rapids that has a variety of colorful pieces displayed on the walls and ceilings, making it a great location where you can vary your photos’ backgrounds by taking pictures at different angles. The DeVos Museum is located on 11 Monroe NW in Downtown Grand Rapids.

4)The Rosa Parks Circle is a great place to take pictures because there are so many unique and interesting pieces of art around the city, like the “You Are Here” sculpture. This is a classic Instagram picture spot for anyone who loves architecture. The Rosa Parks Circle is located on 144 Monroe Ave NW in downtown Grand Rapids. In the summer you can find great musical acts playing free shows and in the winter it is transformed into a picturesque ice skating rink.

5) The Grand River is a great location for taking pictures, where the river can act as a backdrop for your picture. There are many places along the Grand River you can take pictures, including at the Swift and Asbury Park Bridges.

6) Van Andel Arena is a popular place for kids to skate and take pictures. The arena is located on the west side of the Grand Rapids Mall, at 220 Belknap St. NW. You can get great pictures at this location!

7) Devos Performance Hall is home to musical shows and other performances of all kinds. It has balconies and great acoustics, making it a perfect place for concerts and recitals. Devos Performance Hall is located on 111 Lyon St. S in downtown Grand Rapids.


Grand Rapids is great for taking pictures and selfies. It’s a great city with a lot of unique and amazing things to see. If you love photography, or taking selfies, you should try out these Instagram-worthy locations in Grand Rapids!‚Äč