Mommy Poses for Pictures

Last Updated on March 22, 2021

By keeping things simple you can create beautiful mother poses that will look professional and timeless. Keep your wardrobe color neutral with minimal patterns for classic look you will cherish for a lifetime. The best mother colors for baby picture posing are tans, cream, navy and other solid colors.

Keep your baby dressed comfortably and in complimentary colors for the perfect look that go perfectly with the following mother poses.

11 Wonderful Mother and Baby Poses

It is also popular to wear mommy and me outfits but that is not necessary. Keep it simple and focus on these wonderful poses and your newborn and mother photographs will turn out lovely.

1. Have Mom Stand Below the Camera

mother cuddling sleeping baby

Mom can stand below the photographer. She can look at her child, interact with the child, or simply angle her face and smile. The photographer should be above her; this is a flattering angle for moms, and it gives a more personal perspective.

2. Mom Can Stand and Look to the Side and Down

mom holding baby to her chest

This is an incredibly flattering pose for a woman, and it will create a photograph that is natural looking. She can relax in this pose, and her children will cherish the picture.

3. Mom Can Stand with Her Shoulders Angled to the Right or Left

mother holding baby while they look at each other

When a woman stands with her shoulders at a slight angle, the camera will capture a flattering shot. This angle accentuates the beauty of the female body, and it will help the mom relax for the camera.

4. Have Mom Move Around

Sometimes moms get nervous or they feel uncomfortable standing and posing for the camera. You can have her interact with the kids and catch some candids of her moving around. It is likely that a photographer can get a great shot of her natural smile and capture how she is feeling in this type of pose.

5. Mom Can Look at Her Husband or Children

mother and father looking at baby

Kids are always taught to look directly at the camera, but the mom might feel most relaxed while looking at her children. She can smile and feel confident for this type of photo.

6. The Standing Pose

mother holding baby near wall

Often when someone is just standing for the camera, they feel and look awkward and stiff. However, standing can be very creative. You can pose the mom standing and facing a family member, standing and looking to the side, or leaning against a wall or fence.

7. The Sitting Pose

mother sitting holding baby in hands

When the mom is sitting, she should not be sitting square with the camera. The photographer should look at the background and use shapes and lines to create a beautiful image. Mom can sit on a chair turned to the side, or she could be sitting at an angle to the camera holding a young child. She can be posed in a way that an interesting shape is formed by the image based on the background.

8. Mom Should Lean on Her Back Foot

Cameras have a way of enlarging what is closest to them. If a mom stands with one foot behind the other, she can shift her weight onto the back foot to minimize her hips. She should turn slightly to the left or right, shift her weight to the back leg, and keep her hands on the hip or just behind her sides. If she has her hands in front, they will appear larger than they are.

9. Bend Body Parts That Can Bend

mom holding baby while both sleep

The female body is curvy by nature, and bending limbs and other body parts that can bend will accentuate the natural curves of mom’s body. When she bends her arms, it highlights the curve at the waist and the curve in the small of her back. She can bend a knee and move her weight to the back leg. This would push her hip out to one side, and it creates a curve when she faces the camera.

Turning to the side also enhances the female body shape. You will be able to see the outline of the way a woman’s body curves. It is important for moms to experiment with bending different body parts to find the one that is the most flattering for her body.

10. Have the Mom Hold Her Arms Away From Her Body

mother holding up baby

The mom can sit or stand with her arms moved away from the body enough that you can see some air between the arms and the body. When the arms are against the body, they add to the size of the woman, and some moms don’t find this to be flattering. Moving the arms away will help to make her look more slender.

Some women hold their hands on their hips for this reason, but having this much space is unnecessary. She can stand against a fence and place her arm behind her body on the fence. Moving the arms away will may her waist look more slender, and create curves to flatter her body.

11. Create an “S” Shape with Her Body

mom holding baby at beach

Moms want to look beautiful in their photographs, and the curves of the female body are beautiful. She needs to stand in a way that is flattering to her shape. The “S” shape is perfect for accomplishing this. Whether she stands facing front angled to the side, facing the side, or leaning on a fence or tree, position her body in an “S” shape. The photographs will be flattering, and the mom will be happy with how they turn out.