Micro vs Macro Lens

Last Updated on April 26, 2021

woman holding up a macro camera lens

What is the difference between a micro and a macro lens?

The first difference between these two is that macro lenses are larger than micro lenses. The difference in size narrows the field of magnification, meaning that there will be a smaller section of the image that will be magnified when shooting with a macro lens as opposed to shooting with a micro lens.

Another distinction between these two types of lenses is that macro lenses have more refraction, meaning they are easier for light rays to pass through and bring an object closer or further away in order for it to appear larger or smaller.

What are the similarities between a macro and a micro lens?

Some similarities between these two types of lenses are that they both have a three-dimensional effect with in-built capability that gives an illusion of closer, larger objects.

Both macro and micro lenses will have the same basic optical elements; namely, the single lens and a diaphragm.

What Is a Micro Lens?

A micro lens is a lens that allows for the enlargement of objects that are very small in size. This type of lens is employed in medicine, biology, and engineering. The magnification power of the lens depends on its focal length.

As the focal length decreases, magnification increases. This means that it can be said that as a general rule magnifying quality increases with the size of a micro lens. There are, however, some exceptions. For example, the quality of a micro lens does not necessarily increase towards its entrance whereas it increases towards the exit of the lens.

What Is a Macro Lens?

A macro lens is a lens that is used to bring out the detail of objects for macro photography. It also has the capability to bring out the three-dimensional effect when shooting with it. Macro lenses also play an important role in the photography of numerous types of items.

The buildup of magnified objects by macro lenses is dependent on two factors; first, it is dependent on the magnification rate and second, it is dependent on the distance between the object that you are shooting and your lens.

What Type of Photography Are Micro Lenses Used For?

Micro lenses are used in photography as a means to produce very close-up shots of objects. This is how it is most commonly used for; medicine, biology, and engineering, to name some.

What Type of Photography Are Macro Lenses Used For?

Macro lenses are used for many kinds of photography. On many occasions, they are used simply to exaggerate the size of objects and subjects for a unique perspective on everyday items.

Bottom Line

As a general rule, the quality of your photos will improve by using a macro lens when compared to a micro lens. This is due to the different optical qualities of the two lenses. However, there are some differences between these two types of lens when it comes to their shooting capabilities. These differences make them suitable for their specific types of photography.