How To Use A Sekonic Light Meter For Photography

Last Updated on April 3, 2021

A Sekonic light meter is an instrument which measures the intensity of light, and it is usually used by photographers to determine the best film exposure settings.

This article aims to help you learn how to use a Sekonic light meter for photography.

How to use a Sekonic light meter for photography?

light meter being used by photographer

First of all, you need to set the Sekonic light meter to the correct mode before you press the shutter button. The correct mode for measuring ambient or flash light is indicated by a lightning bolt symbol on the display. The second mode is used for measuring incident light, a dome-shaped attachment will have to be screwed onto the Sekonic light meter before you can move on.

Using a Sekonic light meter for photography is simple enough, but it might be a bit confusing. First of all, the Sekonic light meter has to be set to measure ambient or incident light. The correct mode, as mentioned above, can be selected by the lightning bolt symbol on the display. When you place your subject into the frame of an image with a Sekonic light meter, the screen suddenly changes to reflect the amount of ambient light present.

Using A Sekonic Light Meter With A Flash

The Sekonic light meter is very useful when using flash. You need to place the Sekonic light meter on the flash unit, which should be fastened on top of the camera. This way, you can determine how much flash is being used by your Sekonic light meter and change it accordingly if necessary. A flash gun with a single output should be set at a value of 1/4th while one with multiple outputs can be adjusted as needed.

How to use Sekonic Light Meter with different subjects?

Although the Sekonic light meter is very effective when used with a flash unit, it can be used effectively when placed on top of subjects other than the flash unit. For example, portraiture works well with the Sekonic light meter because you can set a stable and constant exposure by placing your subject into an image using the manual shutter. This way, you can take photographic portraits without having to use a remote trigger or use digital camera settings. This can help you to take photos with a greater sense of creativity and control.

How to use Sekonic light meter with your camera?

One of the great ways to use a Sekonic light meter is by using it on your camera. You would also need to mount the Sekonic light meter on your camera by using a clamp or clamping ring which can be purchased from any photography retail store.


To conclude, the Sekonic light meter is an important tool for photographers because it can allow you to create great and beautiful photographs. It is simply a matter of knowing how to use it properly.