How To Shoot Nature Videos

Last Updated on April 16, 2021

fox walking toward camera

We saw a lot of fantastic nature videos this year, and many artists have expressed their love for filming wildlife. But what if you want to be the one who takes them? Here’s how to create great nature videos.

What is nature videography?

Nature videography is the recording of animals in their natural habitats, as a form of wildlife filmmaking. It requires special techniques and equipment. Many nature photographers also use this method to capture animals, instead of taking portraits or pictures of landscapes.

Gear needed for nature videography: what do you need?

A good camera with a video feature is the most important thing you need for filming the natural world. If you have a smartphone, get a camera app such as ProCam, it’s free and is ideal for nature videography.

A tripod is always useful for video recording. It stabilizes the camera and helps you take sharp pictures and videos.

A long lens for taking distant video, as it captures more of the scene, and animals can peer over it to see each other.

Tips for better results

An important part of good nature videography is knowing how to get close to the animals without disturbing their natural behavior. And you can do that with a zoom long lens. Any kind of zoom lens is useful, as it lets you move in to capture animals. Close-ups usually look better than distant shots.

Focus on the animal’s face; this is a good way to capture its mood. If it looks angry, happy, scared, or any other emotion, it will add more depth to your video.

Keep the camera steady while filming. A tripod is an ideal option for this, but some cameras may have a video stabilizer feature built-in.

Try different angles and record what you see in front of you through as many perspectives as possible. This will help you get a richer, more diverse footage, and it will be easier to identify certain things in the video.

A good microphone is essential for clear audio. It will add a lot to your video and make it professional. Set the mic up so that it captures the animal’s voice and other nature sounds clearly without wind muffling the sound.

Use any editing software you have and make a story out of the footage. Select particular scenes you like, and edit them to fit together. You can also add music to further enhance your video.


Nature videography is a good hobby for those who want to learn how to take great pictures. It requires practice, patience, and advanced camera skills. But with all that, you will get great videos of animals in their natural habitat. And that looks really cool!