Great Photography Spots In Houston

Last Updated on May 6, 2021

Are you looking for great cityscape, street, architectural or even Instagrammable photography spots in Houston? Well Houston offers so many amazing opportunities for photographers that you could spend months here and not run out of great scenes.

In this list I will let you know my favorite places in Houston for photographers. No matter what style of photography you shoot you will find some great locations ideas.

Best Photography Locations In Houston Texas

downtown houston skyline at sunset

The Galleria Area

This is one of the most popular parts of Houston. On the map it looks like a shopping mall but once you get inside it’s a cool scene with tons of great photo opportunities. It’s easy to get there from downtown so you can do some early morning or evening shoots here.

Houston Skyline from Discovery Green Park

If you’re looking for a great skyline of the city or just views of downtown, the park offers some nice spots. You can also take some shots of the park itself which is really beautiful with some of my favorite landscaping in public parks around the city.

Houston Zoo

This is one of the biggest zoos in America and there’s always tons going on here. You never know when you will find an opportunity to capture some cool wildlife shots.

Hermann Park & McGovern Centennial Gardens

This is a great place for cityscape and architecture photos because of the cool modern buildings that surround it plus you can get some of the skyline in there as well. Don’t miss out on the garden either, it’s beautiful.

Downtown Houston

You can take some really interesting photos of the skyscrapers in the downtown area. Houston cityscapes are some of the best in the US in my humble opinion.

Montrose Street & The Heights Neighborhood

This is a great place to bring your camera for street and selfie photography with lots of benches to lay out on and take photos. The neighborhood is eclectic and offers many interesting sites and people.

Market Square Park

This is a great street for people watching and you will see lots of interesting people and cars here. If you want to do some architectural photography then pay close attention to the buildings around here. You won’t be disappointed. In addition, there are some really cool churches in the area that you can shoot too as well as the great parks.

Bottom Line

This is just a small list of the great photography spots in Houston. There are so many to choose from that I could have created a list of 100 more. Houston is a beautiful city with many interesting scenes and architecture to capture.