Garden Macro Photography Ideas

Last Updated on April 19, 2021

If you are about to start doing garden macro photography you are in for a ton of fun! There are so many interesting and fun subjects to photograph in the garden that you may never run out of great subjects. With that in mind I have compiled a list of garden macro subject ideas to get you started!

Great Garden Macro Photography Subjects

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Flowers are a wonderful subject for macro photography. The petals of flowers can be amazing and the colors are vibrant, especially in the Summer months.

However, excellent macro photography does not need to include flowers, but they can be a nice addition. I would recommend that you look to nature for inspiration with this first category of macro subjects.

Taking some time to view other photographers macro flower images may help teach you how it is done and how to improve your own flower images!


Flowers are not the only great macro subject that can be found in the garden, trees can be amazing subjects as well. Taking a macro photo of a leaf or branch from your favorite tree is a great way to take a picture of something beautiful that you would otherwise forget about.

Trees also make wonderful shots at all times of the year, not just in the Spring and Summer. Fall leaves create stunning images that are incredibly popular.


For most people the garden is a place where they grow vegetables! So don’t waste your hard work! Take macro photos of all of your favorite veggies before you pluck them from the garden.

You will also be able to see the characteristics of your favorite crops that you may never have noticed before when they were growing.


Shrubs are a great subject for macro photography. They are low-lying plants that can be ferns or flowering plants. The complexity of a flower on a shrub makes them an interesting subject that will work well in any landscape.

Shrubs can also be incredibly popular subjects in the garden, especially for Christmas time. Shrubbery will give depth to your image and can make an amazing photo subject.


Insects are an amazing subject for a macro photographer to try. Bees, butterflies, and bugs are all easy and fun to photograph!

The difficulty of getting a great insect picture will depend on just what type of bug you are trying to capture. Getting shots of butterflies is much easier than bees because they fly away so quickly.

A good way to start is by putting out food for bugs in your garden such as water with sugary syrup or a plateful of sugar cookies cut up into small pieces.

Bottom Line

There are many subjects to choose from when it comes to taking pictures of your garden. Some people may be more interested in taking pictures of flowers while others may want to focus on a type of vegetable they grow.

Whatever you choose, the most important thing is to have fun while doing it and don’t let the notion of macro photography scare you away!