Fotodiox Pro 2x Telephoto Lens Converter Review

Last Updated on May 10, 2021

Fotodiox Pro 2x Telephoto Lens Converter

If you have been looking for a pro quality telephoto lens converter for your Canon then you’ve heard of the Fotodiox Pro 2x Telephoto Lens Converter. If you want to know if this teleconverter is worth investing in, read on for the full rundown.

Fotodiox Pro 2x Telephoto Lens Converter Specs

Compatibility: Canon EOS EF Full Frame Lenses and EF/EFs Cameras
Maximum Focal Length: 0.01 Millimeters
Lens Design: Prime
Warranty: 2 year limited

This teleconverter will double your focal length on any Canon EF lens. It will allow use of auto focus, image stabilization and auto iris. But the autofocus will only function when using an aperture of f/4 or greater.

You will also need to shoot in enough light for the autofocus to work properly.

Excellent build quality. The converter feels very sturdy and well made. It is also easy to convert your lens with only a few turns of the ring on the back of the converter. If you have ever had issues with other converters you will find this one easy to use and long lasting.

Who is it for?

This is great for any Canon EF or EFs photographer looking for 2x magnification. Shooting macro with this teleconverter is easy and the results are fantastic. This teleconverter is ideal for those looking for great performance at a low price point.

Why we love it

This converter is the ultimate in image quality and versatility. It is designed so well that you can easily start shooting macro shots. This teleconverter is the best balance between price and performance you can find for your Canon.

What could be improved

You will have to focus manually if shooting in lower light conditions. This isn’t a deal breaker but must be considered by those who want a fully auto focused teleconverter.

How it performed in our tests

This converter performed well in our tests. We were able to get great shots at 2X.

The Fotodiox Pro 2x Telephoto Lens Converter is a great choice for Canon EF and EFs photographers looking for a versatile teleconverter.

This Teleconverter produced stunning results in our tests. There was hardly any loss in optical quality when using this converter while shooting both stills and video.

Bottom Line

This is a great 2x teleconverter for Canon photographers. It adds value to your lens by giving you the ability to shoot macro pictures that would otherwise be impossible to achieve with just your lens. This teleconverter is very easy to attach and takes only seconds to complete the conversion process. The build quality is excellent and it is well designed in general. We highly recommend this converter for anyone looking for a high quality, low cost solution for their camera bag.