Camranger Alternatives

If you’ve been looking for a great remote control that can instantly send photos to a smart device but don’t want to invest in a CamRanger then you have some alternatives that will cost you much less money.

Let’s be clear, the CamRanger is an amazing tool for any photographer looking to wirelessly tether and control their camera from a distance. It provides exceptional performance and will absolutely improve your photography efficiency.

photographer setting up studio

But if you are on a budget the price can be a turnoff.

With that in mind check out these great CamRanger alternatives.

Best CamRanger Alternatives For The Money

CamFi Pro Plus

Compatible w/ Nikon, Canon, Sony, Pentax, Panasonic, Fuji and more

This is my favorite, easy to use CamRanger alternative. It is compatible with almost every camera on the market meaning it will work with your camera. It offers excellent wireless tethering as well as USB connection if you prefer. It works directly with multiple popular software applications including Lightroom and Capture One. This makes quick edits exceptionally easy much like with Camranger. I loved the lightning fast file transfer from my camera to my iPad (it works with Apple and Android devices). The transfer distance was not as far as with the Camranger but it is a respectable 160 feet making it great for most situations. Overall this is the best CamRanger substitute on the market today. I highly recommend getting this L bracket for mounting as it makes putting and taking off the Camfi a breeze.

CamFi CF102

Compatible w/ Sony, Nikon, and Canon

Ok so let me say right off the bat, the Camfi Pro Plus is the superior model but the CamFi CF102 deserves mention as it does provide solid function at a very reasonable price. It is not compatible with as many cameras but if you have a Canon, Sony, or Nikon then this is a great low priced option. It provides wireless tethering and instant file transfer to your smart devices. It supports both RAW and JPEG as well. It has decent range but I ran into connectivity issues around 145 feet. If the CamFi Pro is a little pricey then this is a solid alternative to go with.

Air Direct Wireless

Compatible w/ Canon and Nikon

Don’t let the lower position on the list fool you. This is an amazing CamRanger alternative for photographers who demand top performance. The wireless tethering and control worked flawlessly with an effective range a little over 200 feet. This model stayed connected with my iPad and phone and transfers files incredibly fast. It can handle RAW and JPEG and distance made no noticeable difference in performance. While the Air Direct states it is compatible with Canon and Nikon, one friend told me he uses his with his Sony A7 and that there is a workaround to get them working with other makes. But if you’re not into playing around with that make sure to pair it with your Canon or Nikon. The only downside is the price. This is the most expensive Camranger alternative on the list.

CamRanger Mini

Ok so before you call me out for addng a CamRanger to my recommended ranger alternatives, this list is primarily an alternative to the high priced flagship CamRanger model. The mini is a much lower cost option so it’s inclusion is more than justified if you ask me! So while the the Mini’s big brother is the best of the best in the field, the mini does leave a little to be desired. The main complaint I have is the range is much less than you get with other options. This model does great in unobstructed environments, but the range gets shortened significantly as soon as you have anything in the way. Other than that this is an excellent functioning model that is well worth the relatively small price tag.


  1. CamFi Pro Plus
  2. CamFi CF102
  3. Air Direct Wireless
  4. CamRanger Mini

Like I said, I am a huge fan of the camranger and believe it is well worth the cost of entry, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some great alternatives out there. Depending on your budget, any of the top picks above are a great way to go. All of them provide wireless tethering and camera control with fast file transfers. If you are a serious photographer on a budget you can still get the great performance without breaking the bank.