Campark V40 Action Camera Review

Last Updated on May 13, 2021

Campark V40 Action Camera Review

If you have been looking for a rugged adventure camera then you have heard of the Campark V40. It’s a widely popular camera for outdoor sport enthusiasts looking to video their adventures but is it the right camera for you? Read on for the full rundown so you know if it’s worth investing in.

Campark V40 Action Camera Features

4K30 FPS Video
20MP Photos
Remote Control
Advanced Image Stabilization
Slow and Fast Motion Video Capture
Distortion Calibration
H.265 Video Encoder
Burst Mode
Time Lapse Video and Image
Noise Reduction Tech
Auto Low Light Mode
White Balance
Long Exposure
Driving Mode
Voice Record
Loop Recording
Micro USB
Micro HDMI

Who Is It For?

The Campark V40 is built to withstand the rigors of an active lifestyle, making it ideal for outdoor sports and adventures. It is a rugged camera that can stand up to the elements. It has advanced image stabilization, which you can find in many high-end cameras which are double the price.

The Campark V40 is an adventure camera that has been designed with action in mind. There are numerous preset modes for your needs, such as record, stop, drive and timer. You can even shoot in RAW for maximum flexibility.

What We Love About It

We love that Campark provides a wide array of features and settings geared towards speed and agility. This camera is in constant motion, so we appreciate the ease with which it can be set up.

You can count on the Campark V40 to capture some pretty crazy footage thanks to its ability to capture long exposure shots. The low light mode allows for recording in complete darkness, which is useful for capturing videos during night time activities such as star-gazing or hiking.

The remote control function is one of our favorites. It is feature and performance packed.

We love that this camera is able to capture video at 4K30 FPS, which puts it on par with some of the best adventure cameras on the market. The Campark V40 shoots smooth and high quality videos at a blistering pace for exciting results.

What Could Be Improved

The Campark V40 isn’t perfect. There are still room for improvements, such as the durability of the battery. We don’t recommend that you go dropping it off cliffs or anything like that but you won’t need to treat it like it’s fragile.

The accuracy of this lens could use a little bit of work. The lens on this camera is actually not very impressive; it has a lot of chromatic aberration, which is especially noticeable when shooting into the sky or water.

It also does not have a jack for an external mic, which I really like having the option to use.

How It Performed In Our Tests

We were quite impressed with the smooth and clear shots we took. The stabilization was very useful, especially when shooting handheld video. It is practically impossible to capture motion-blur videos when you are moving too fast. The Campark V40 does a good job of making sure that your pictures and videos remain as clear as possible to prevent image degradation.

If you are able to take a few steps back from the action, you will discover that this camera actually captures an impressive variety of video angles too. Overall it offered excellent performance.

Bottom Line

The Campark V40 is an excellent all-around adventure camera. It performs well in most of the ways you would want from an action camera, including image stabilization, slow and fast motion video capture, a wide variety of shooting settings and the ability to mount the camera to a helmet for hands-free recording. The remote control feature is also convenient for capturing videos that take place during the day.