Bonfoto B690A Portable Travel Tripod Review

Last Updated on April 18, 2021

bonfoto b690a Portable Travel Tripod reviews

I travel all across the United States for my photography and I was on the lookout for a functional and lightweight tripod that would be great for traveling. I came across the Bonfoto B690a Tripod and immediately loved it.

The tripod is metal so it’s sturdy and lightweight at the same time, making it perfect for taking photos on-the-go. One thing I love about this tripod is that you can actually adjust its height to just about any height with an adjustable knob, unlike many other tripods which only have set heights with no options to change them. Now let’s get to the full review.


As a photographer, this tripod has served me well. Here’s how I use it.

The B690a is tall enough for any average sized person to use. I’m about 6′ 2″ and it still works great for me. The actual tripod area of the B690a is extremely sturdy and doesn’t wobble at all if you set it up right or place your camera on firm footing.

The B690a comes with a really handy carrying pouch that can be used when traveling or just to store it every day. The B690a is easy to carry around and has an adjustable shoulder strap, which makes carrying it a breeze. The B690a weighs only about two pounds so it’s also very light and you won’t even notice it after a while.

The B690a also comes with a carrying case and the tripod itself gets a little more compact in this case. The center column on the B690a enables you to set up really low shots, like macro photos of bugs or spiders.

Who It’s For

The B690a is great for travel, concerts, sports, outdoor photo sessions, or for those who need a versatile tripod. It is also great for individuals who are looking for a lightweight but sturdy tripod.

What We Love

I love that this tripod folds up nice and compact into the carrying case which makes it really easy to travel with. It is also extremely light so you won’t even feel it when you carry it around all day long at a festival or sporting event and this makes the travel process even better.

What Could Be Improved

The one thing I have to say that could be improved is the knob that adjusts the height of the tripod. It’s kind of hard to reach so if you’re a tall person, it might get annoying. Other than that, this tripod is great for travel and for those who need a sturdy tripod because it doesn’t wobble.

How It Performed In Our Tests

I have been using the B690a for about 5 months now and it has not let me down. I’ve taken it with me to many concerts, parties, and events. I’ve also used it in my backyard when I take photos of my cats or my dog because sometimes they don’t let me get close enough when I use my other tripod. The B690a has performed well and has not given me any problems whatsoever. In fact, it’s one of my favorite tripods ever.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a sturdy and lightweight tripod that’s great for travel, the B690a is a great option. It is perfect for outdoor photo sessions, sporting events, and concerts. You can’t go wrong if you purchase this tripod.