Black And White Macro Photography Ideas

Last Updated on April 16, 2021

black and white photo of flower petals

Black and white macro photography is a great way to make an ordinary object seem exciting and artistic. Whether you’re an amateur or a pro, this type of photography can be done with any camera that has macro capability. In order to take great macro photos, the photographer needs to understand how to properly set up his or her camera and use appropriate lighting.

So, how do you take a picture of a tiny flower in black and white? You need to know the basics of using a macro lens and if you’re going to set up your camera with fixed or “through” focus.

How to do black and white macro photography

To take black and white macro photography requires different equipment than the normal type of photography, so you need to know how to set up your equipment correctly.

This may include a tripod, macro lens and special filters. First, you need to know how to focus and set the aperture. If you are working with a digital camera, you can use the auto focus to adjust the camera by looking at the screen on your camera.

If you are using a DSRL or mirrorless camera, then it is possible to take reasonably good black and white macro photography without needing any special equipment other than a lens and tripod.

In order to take the best black and white macro photos, you should look at how you can make the different parts of your subject stand out. Because shooting in black and white makes it harder to produce detail, it is important to highlight the details you can bring out.

What Details Should You Focus On?

If you are taking a black and white macro photo of a flower, your camera may not be able to pick up all the intricate details on its petals. It may be necessary to take additional photos from different angles in order to get the full effect. For example, you could include more petals or take a picture where the water droplet, which is often present on flowers, shows up clearly.

Another thing to consider is taking close up macro photos, which may look similar to a normal photo but will have different features. In fact, this can be an effective way of accentuating the subject.

Black And White Macro Subject Ideas


If you’re a person who likes to photograph flowers, then you will want to take close-up shots of the petals. You can find some beautiful detail when shooting flowers.


If you’re interested in taking black and white macro photos of insects, then you have to consider what makes them unique. One thing you should do is experiment with different angles, using a wide angle lens.

The lighting is also very important when taking close-up insect shots. Be sure to avoid bright light sources, like the sun, as they can be overwhelming and may not look good in your pictures.


Often available in vibrant colors and unique shapes, fungi can be photographed using macro lenses and interesting lighting techniques.


If you’re interested in photographing fish, then you should consider taking close-up shots using a macro lens. To get the best results, make sure to take your pictures where there is plenty of light and do not use flash.

Flower Buds

If you want to shoot black and white macro photos of flower buds, then it is important that your camera has macro settings. This setting will allow you to focus the lens on close-up shots.

Tree Bark

If you want to take black and white macro photos of tree bark, it is important that you do not use flash, since it can be overpowering and not look that good. It will also be useful if your camera has a macro lens.


For shell photography, you can use a wide angle macro lens. You can also place the shells in interesting positions or surround them with brighter objects, like water droplets or dew on grass.


Another good example of black and white macro photography is feathers. They are often colorful, unique, and interesting to look at.


Gems are an interesting subject because they can look entirely different depending on the lighting. Shooting macro close-ups of gems is a good way to make them more of a focal point.


Leaves can make excellent black and white photography subjects, since they have many small details that make them interesting. You should use macro photography settings to highlight the details in the leaves. You may want to take some photographs using different angles and focus points.


To learn more about how to use a macro lens, you can attend a photography class or read books on the subject. In addition to taking black and white photos, you can also learn other techniques for shooting different types of subjects in close-up. In fact, many people who specialize in macro photography take photos of flowers and insects that they had never seen before. So if you are interested in taking pictures that few people have seen before, then you may want to consider taking black and white macro photos.