Best Yongnuo Flash For Canon

Last Updated on April 2, 2021

Are you searching for the best Yongnuo flash for your Canon camera?

Yongnuo produces stellar gear at a fraction of the cost of purchasing the Canon equivalent. I’ve been a professional photographer for decades and while I love my Canon brand flashes, I have kept a space in my bag for Yongnuo flashes as well. And in this article you will learn the exact Yongnuo flashes I trust and use.

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For years I have been in pursuit of the best lighting for my photography and it has been an expensive journey. I have experimented with countless TTL and manual flashes, softboxes and umbrellas, and speedlights and strobes and in this article I will let you know which flashes I recommend you invest in to take your photography lighting to the next level without breaking the bank.

Best Yongnuo Flashes For Canon

How do I connect my Canon to Yongnuo flash?

To connect your Canon camera to Yongnuo flash, you need a hot shoe adapter in order to achieve this. For the Canon Rebel SL1, follow the instructions below (most Canon cameras will be very similar):

  • Using an AA battery or 2 CR123A batteries, insert your battery into the battery slot on the flash. This will make sure that there is enough power for your flash and camera.
  • Hit the “Menu” button on your camera until you reach “Commands.” From there, select “Remote shooting.
  • Select “Yongnuo (default)” and press the “Set” button.
  • Press “OK” to complete.
  • You will then see a small pop up message on the screen saying “Yongnuo remote connected.” Keep in mind that there is a setting in your camera’s menu called “Remote settings,” which allows you to make different configurations for when the flash is used as a remote control or to control your camera for off-camera shooting.

Yongnuo YN560 IV Flash For Canon

This is a great flash offering excellent performance at a great price. Yongnuo YN560 is compatible with most Canon cameras and comes with a built in trigger that works exceptionally well. It offers full manual flash mode as well as a wireless master function. It allows you to save custom settings and works with most popular transmitters. The battery life is moderate and the rechargeable battery has a long life. This is a great performing high value flash.

Check current price and camera compatibility

  • Customizable settings
  • Offers full manual flash
  • Wireless control compatible with most popular transmitters
  • Wireless master mode

Yongnuo YN968EX-RT LED Wireless Flash

The Yongnuo YN968EX-RT provides impressive multi flash functionality at a very low cost. You get TTL flash, grouping flash and manual flash all in one package. It also provides automatic zoom or manual zoom making it a very versatile Canon flash. The LED lights offer adjustable brightness in addition to a color conversion filter which creates flattering lighting. The built in diffuser is another feature you won’t find on most flashes in this price range.

Check current price and camera compatibility

  • Multi flash functionality: Manual flash, TTL falsh, and GR grouping flash
  • Features manual and automatic zoom
  • Offers a built in diffuser
  • Has a USB interface
  • HSS can reach 1/8000
  • Receives Canon master signal wirelessly
  • Works in S1 and S2 modes

Yongnuo YN660 Wireless Manual Flash

This versatile Yongnuo flash offers excellent performance for those looking for a manual speedlight. It features 2.4GHz wireless performance and multiple modes. It has six light groups and the flash, focal length and output can be operated by remote. Flash can also be triggered from your camera. Settings are customizable and it comes with a stand and bag. This flash comes in at a very reasonable price making it an excellent overall value.

Check current price and camera compatibility

  • Great low price flash
  • Offers six groups of light
  • Remote control of focal length, output and flash
  • Flash can be triggered at camera
  • Customizable settings
  • Comes with a bag and mini stand

Yongnuo YN-568EX II Flash For Canon

This budget friendly Yongnuo flash offers simple use and solid performance. While not a rockstar, this is a very serviceable flash perfect for the budget conscious photographer. It doesn’t come with an extensive feature list but it provides good lighting and consistent performance. You get a four channel TTL flash with a wireless master control. The HSS is 1/8000 s and it offers full manual mode.

Check current price and camera compatibility

  • Low cost and solid performance
  • Offers wireless master control
  • Features four channel TTL flash
  • HSS 1/8000 s
  • Offers full manual flash mode

How Do You Use A Yongnuo Flash?

If this is your first Yongnuo flash you may be a little overwhelmed wondering how to get the best lighting possible from your speedlight. One of the great things about Yongnuo is they offer intuitive design perfect for the less experienced photographer. With a little guidance you will have your flash up and running in no time.

Starting Out

Most Yongnuo flashes are powered with AA batteries housed in a battery compartment on the flash. Once your batteries are loaded you just have to switch the power on the flash.

Next you will set the flash controller to pair with your flash. This is done by selecting the mode you wish to use via the Hz/FN button. Cycle through the available modes with the left and right buttons and press the select/change button to confirm the appropriate mode. This is the center button and it is sometimes labeled “Okay”.

Mount Your Speedlight

See the hot shoe that is on the top of your camera. This is where you will mount your flash unit. The metal bottom of your Yongnuo flash will sit into the hot shoe of your camera. It should be oriented so that the flash display is facing the back of your camera. The small plastic wheel will be turned to the right to tighten your flash in place. be careful to tighten securely but do not overtighten the wheel.

Using Your Settings

The arrow buttons are used to navigate your settings menu and the okay button is used to select your preferred settings. The exact settings to use goes beyond the scope of this article but in general you will want to test various settings to familiarize yourself with how to achieve the best lighting for your particular shooting environment.

The Backlight/Sound button allows you to turn your LCD backlight on and off. A long press of the button restarts the flash making it ready to use.

Mode/M/Multi button toggles between flash modes

Trigger mode toggle button allows selection of trigger mode

Flash head zoom allows you to adjust the zoom mode

Pilot/Test light indicates the flash is ready when showing red

Signal indicator is blue when the unit is receiving a signal

Power On/Off can be activated by a long press

Set/Select are the buttons used to navigate the menu

Using Your Flash

Once powered and settings are in place you are ready to use your flash. Based on your settings operation is straight forward and with practice and experimentation you will be able to achieve flattering lighting that will enhance your image quality.


If you are new to using a flash on your Canon camera then a Yongnuo flash is a great way to get solid performance at a very reasonable cost. As a professional photographer I mostly use Canon flashes but I still keep Yongnuo in my bag as they are quality speedlights that offer great lighting. Any of the top rated picks will serve you well as you improve your photography lighting.

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