Best Tripod For Canon M50

Last Updated on February 3, 2023

Are you looking for a high quality tripod for your Canon m50?

I’ve used a lot of tripods in pursuit of the perfect model for shooting on location and filming videos with my m50 and after reading this article you will know which one is worth investing in.

We ran the most popular M50 compatible tripods through a field test to help you decide which to get. Check out the reviews for the benefits and downsides to each model.

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Best Tripod For Canon m50 Camera Top Picks

The m50 has grown massively in popularity because of it’s great performance and one great way to improve that performance more is by getting a tripod that enhances it strengths. For this review I tested my m50 with over twenty different tripods and I was very happy with how each of my top picks performed.

When evaluating these tripods I considered more than just performance, but also value. That way, no matter what your budget is you will find a great match for your budget.

Benefits of using a tripod with your Canon M50 camera

A tripod is a vital accessory for your camera, and is one that every digital photographer should have. It’s perfect for photographing landscapes or any other subject that doesn’t require the camera to be handheld. A tripod will help you avoid blur in your photos and keep your subjects in clear focus. They also free up your hands so you can work on other aspects of photo editing like adjusting the light or framing shots without having to go back and forth between shooting and editing.

It is important to understand the different types of tripods that you can purchase for your Canon M50, so that you can choose the one that suits your needs best. There are many things to consider before deciding on a tripod. For instance, are you planning to shoot with a wide angle lens or a telephoto lens? What are the weight and size requirements and how do they impact your photography?

You might be surprised to learn that there isn’t just one type of tripod suited for your Canon M50. There are four basic tripod types that will work with your camera: light duty, medium duty, heavy duty and combination. Each type is suited to a different type of photography and photographic situation.

Light Duty Tripod

The light duty tripod is best suited for general photography. The main features to look for in this type of tripod include a relatively low weight and small size but also requiring some strength to handle the weight of the camera it supports.

This type of tripod is most useful for shooting wildlife, sports, landscape and architecture photography. These types of subjects need a fine and steady level of vibration with minimal camera movement. Additionally, the subject can be as close as 3 to 5 feet away and still get sharp photos. Light duty tripods usually weigh less than 4 pounds and come in sizes from small to medium-sized.

Medium Duty Tripod

Medium duty tripods are most useful for shooting macro photography, portrait and family photography and shooting in the studio. The medium duty tripod is designed to provide the extra weight and rigidity needed for posing still subjects or moving subjects such as actors or musicians.

These tripods generally produce the best results in low light situations or when using long focal lengths. These heavier tripods weigh between 6 to 12 pounds, but come in sizes from large to extra large.

Heavy Duty Tripod

The heavy duty tripod is most useful for shooting sports, wildlife and action photography. The tripod is designed to provide the extra weight, rigidity and stability needed when moving the camera while shooting in lower light conditions or from long distances.

Heavy duty tripods are available in sizes between 8 to 18 pounds and can be used with all three of the Canon M50 camera body types. The heavier tripods provide maximum support for a versatile photographic situation.

Manfrotto 504HD

Manfrotto 504HD,546GBK Video Tripod Kit with 504HD Video Head and 546GB Tripod (Black)
  • 4-step counterbalance system ensures a quick set-up with optimal balance
  • Ball Bearing drag system for precise, smooth movements
  • High rigidity structure delivers maximum response and strength

Who It’s For

Anyone who wants a stable, versatile tripod with great head and travel case.

What We Like

A versatile tripod with smooth operation and great head and travel bag. The slender legs are lighter than most of its competitors, making this a great choice if you’re planning to use a tripod on a regular basis.

What Could Be Improved

The spreader bar does not extend far enough, making it difficult for larger cameras to be fully supported by the legs. Also, the ball head has too much friction when used with the quick release plate. This can make it hard to remove the camera quickly.

How It Performs In The Field

The Manfrotto 504HD proved to be a solid performer on our test sites. There were no problems with carrying the tripod on a hike or shooting long exposures at night. The legs stayed in place well and did not absorb much of the vibration from driving at high speed. There was no clacking sound when we jostled the tripod during various activities like walking over rough terrain or when bumping into things.

Manfrotto 055

Manfrotto 055 Aluminum 3-Section Tripod with Horizontal Column (MT055XPRO3),Black
1,557 Reviews
Manfrotto 055 Aluminum 3-Section Tripod with Horizontal Column (MT055XPRO3),Black
  • STABILITY: The QPL's (Quick Power Levers) design offers more powerful locking of each section, meaning the tripod is more stable and rigid than with...
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The long lasting ergonomic design ensures extraordinary ease of use, with a wide range of leg angles to choose
  • VERSATILE: The horizontal column mechanism can be easily extended when you need to shoot at the last-minute and is housed in the tripod's top casting...

Who It’s For

Anyone who needs a lightweight tripod to take on a photography excursion.

What We Like

The Manfrotto 055 provides a stable platform, even for cameras heavier than the suggested 10 pounds. The legs provide precise movement and support — without being too stiff — and the ball head adds extra control to the camera. The bag is also easy to carry around, especially with features like reinforced handles and a secure zipper closure.

What Could Be Improved

The Manfrotto 055 tripod weighs just under 5 pounds and offers a maximum height of sixty-eight inches, which is only two inches taller than the Manfrotto 504HD. The tripod’s maximum load rating of 10 pounds is also less than the Manfrotto 504HD. If you’re going to be positioning a heavier camera on top of the tripod, be aware that this model might not be able to support it properly.

How It Performs In The Field

We tested the Manfrotto 055 tripod in all sorts of photographic situations and were impressed by its mobility and stability. It’s a great option for anyone who wants to travel light but wants a tripod that can handle heavier camera systems. The Manfrotto 055 can also fit into small bags without taking up too much space, making it convenient to carry around regardless of the activity. The quick-release spring plate is perfect for switching between various lenses or cameras during a shoot.

Zomei Z818C

Zomei Z818C Professional Portable Carbon Fiber Tripod Stand with Ball Head Quick Release Plate Carrying Bag, Travel for Canon Sony Nikon Samsung Panasonic Olympus Kodak Fuji Cameras Camcorders Black
  • Made of carbon fiber, more steady and load up to 16kg, come with a portable pocket, easy to carry
  • Pull-out button angling adjustment, ensuring single adjust of each leg
  • Typical regulating design of elevator, offering the different damping effect depends on the weight of your camera

Who It’s For

Anyone who wants a tripod that can handle a wide array of equipment and still be lightweight.

What We Like

The package includes a carry bag, which simplifies travel. The more stable legs allow for smooth movement on uneven terrain. The spreader bar can support up to eight pounds and the maximum height is eighty-two inches, allowing this tripod to fit into most suitcases without folding down the legs.

What Could Be Improved

The flimsy plastic carrying bag is hard to move with a heavy load inside. The screw on the quick-release plate can be difficult to loosen as well. These issues are exacerbated if you have a very large camera on top of the tripod. The maximum load rating of 8 pounds is much lower than most tripods in this category as well.

How It Performs In The Field

We compared the Zomei Z818C tripod to the other models we tested and found that it could not support heavier camera systems as well as other options. When we put a heavy camera system on top of the Zomei Z818C, it was not easy to lock the legs into place and they never felt totally secure.

Zomei M5 Travel Tripod

Who It’s For

Anyone who wants a lightweight tripod that can handle a small camera rig.

What We Like

The Zomei M5 Travel tripod weighs only 1.9 pounds and collapses down to only 5.8 inches in height. It’s an attractive option for anyone who doesn’t want to carry a big, heavy tripod around with them and wants to be able to take it anywhere for travel or portability purposes. It’s also an option for people who want a lightweight tripod for equipment that won’t be too heavy.

What Could Be Improved

The legs are not adjustable, so you can’t make them any longer if needed. They have a very short closed length, which makes it difficult to get centered over your subject without much extra leg extension. The included ball head also isn’t the best and works best on equipment weighing less than 9.8 pounds.

How It Performed In The Field

We put the Zomei M5 Travel tripod through our same battery of tests as we did all of our other models. This tripod held up well in testing even though it isn’t designed for heavy cameras and equipment. We were able to put a camera system weighing only 8.7 pounds on top and it performed well — though it was more wobbly than we’d have liked when we didn’t use the included ball head.


man taking landscape photo

The Canon m50 is a great camera and it is well worth investing in a great tripod if you want to improve you image and video quality to it’s fullest potential. After testing a ton of tripods I was really happy with how the budget tripod picks performed. They will serve you well if you don’t want to pay pro level prices. But the Monfrotos are absolutely amazing to shoot with so if they are within your budget I recommend going with them.