Best Third Party Flash For Canon

Last Updated on March 21, 2021

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Producing great exposure and image quality requires the right lighting and a high quality flash will make it easier for you to get the perfect photography lighting for your shots.

If you are searching for the best third party flash for Canon then in this article you will learn which flashes are worth investing in.

Benefits To Using An External Flash

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There are a number of benefits to using a high quality external flash. And it is well worth the investment when you take them all into consideration.

  • Provides you more diffuser options including color diffusers and models that attach to your flash
  • Provides directional light
  • An external flash has more power than a built in flash and covers more of your scene
  • By producing a flash from above the camera, red eye is reduced
  • Allows much more creativity by allowing endless position and angle setups
  • Flashes allow you to bounce your light off other objects

Best Third Party Flashes For Canon Cameras

Godox V1-C Flash for Canon

Godox has become one of the best third party flash producers in recent years and the V1 is my favorite model for Canon cameras. It offers exceptional performance and features perfect for flash photography. This flash will provide you with warm soft lighting that will be flattering for your subjects. You get both automatic zoom and manual with bounce lighting through flash head tilt and rotation. The flash mount is magnetic for quick setup that makes it easy to get the perfect lighting for your scene. You get a fast recycle time and long battery life. This model is fully compatible with i-TTL system and comes with exposure compensation, flash value lock, and high speed sync.

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  • Great performance and reasonable price
  • Magnetic mount
  • Fully compatible with Canon’s i-TTL system
  • Fast recycle time
  • Long battery life

Altura Photo AP-305C Camera Flash

The Altura AP 305C offers amazing wireless functionality which allows you to manage multiple flashes for creative control over your lighting. It is very easy to use this flash which gives you the ability to create multi directional lighting and bounce lighting. The wireless manual trigger feature is compatible with RT-305 transmitters with sixteen channels. This model is lightweight and compact making it a great option for the traveling photographer. It offers high power output and features TTL, manual, and multi modes.

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  • Compact and lightweight
  • Offers TTL, manual, and multi stroboscopic modes
  • Wireless triggering
  • Bounce lighting
  • Battery powered

Yongnuo YN600EX-RT II Flash for Canon

When it comes to third party flashes there is no producer I like more than Yongnuo when it comes to value performance combination. The YN600EX-RT II is there update to a wildly popular external flash. This model provides exceptional performance and features that will instantly improve your image exposure and quality. You receive full wireless capabilities and a fast recycle time. The head tilts and rotates for creating bounce lighting. Your subjects will look amazing as this flash provides soft and flattering lighting. All this and it comes in at a low price point.

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  • Great performance and reasonable price
  • Wireless triggering
  • Fast recycle time
  • Automatic settings save
  • Custom settings
  • Battery powered

Godox TT600 Camera Flash for Canon

The TT600 is another exceptional third party flash. It provides solid performance and the features most beginner photographers are looking for. You receive a powerful guide number with high illumination and a shot flash duration. The color temperature is constant through the power range and produces flattering subject lighting. You get Godox’s wireless X system for full radio transmission. Features also include high speed sync and a long battery life.

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  • Solid performance at a budget friendly price
  • Soft flattering subject lighting
  • Consistent color temperature throughout power range
  • Godox wireless X system
  • High speed sync
  • Battery powered

Neewer TT560 Flash for Canon

This is the best budget third party flash for Canon when looking for the lowest price possible. While you will not get the same performance as the picks further up this list, you do receive a solid no frills flash perfect for the beginner to flash photography. This flash is very easy to use and offers consistent lighting output. You can create bounce lighting with the head tilt and rotation. You get lighting that will improve your image exposure and multiple flash modes. This external flash offers a built in panel diffuser and offers slave mode.

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  • Low cost and perfect for beginners on a budget
  • Guide number of 33 at ISO 100
  • Bounce lighting
  • Flash head tilt and rotation
  • Built in wide angle flash diffuser
  • Slave mode
  • Battery powered


For most photographers beginning their flash photography journey, the high cost of lighting equipment can be a turn off. When I started my portrait photography business years ago, I had very limited funds to invest. That’s when I turned to third party producers for my flash needs. Luckily there are multiple great third party flash options available on the market today. If you are looking for a top performing external flash for you Canon any of the best picks on this list will help you improve your image quality.

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