Best Teleconverter For Canon

Last Updated on April 2, 2021

Are you looking for the best Canon lens teleconverter to extend the reach of your lenses?

In this article you will find the top performing and best value lens extenders for Canon on the market today.

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Teleconverters are a great option for the photographer looking to extend the reach of their current lenses without having to invest in a costly telephoto lens.

They have been gaining in popularity recently as more and more photographers want to be able to capture long range shots even when that is not their usual style of photography.

A lens extender allows you to reach those long shots without using a large, bulky and expensive lens.

A teleconverter is a versatile tool for the photographer who does not frequently shoot far off subjects. The top rated models below are cost effective, great performers and easy to use.

Best Canon Lens Teleconverter

Canon’s own teleconverters are low in price and high in quality, so most people choose to go with them over third party teleconverters. If you are looking to save some money without sacrificing quality, third party teleconverters are still a viable option.

The following Canon lenses have a teleconverter that is compatible with them:
EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM
EF 70-200mm f/2.8 L IS II USM
EF 100 mm f/2.8 L IS USM Macro

Canon EF 2.0X III Telephoto Extender

The Canon Extender EF 2x does exactly what you would guess. It takes your standard Canon lens and increases the focal length two times. This teleconverter provides excellent performance and will turn your lens into a super telephoto using the built in microcomputer that works with your standard lens, and the camera body. It offers amazing design specs including coating that will effectively eliminate ghosting, flare, and chromatic aberrations. You also get fluorine coating to prevent dust and grime from effecting your glass. This is an amazing teleconverter that is well worth the investment if you want a cost effective way to emulate a telephoto lens.

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  • Water resistant and dustproof design allows you take this extender in the field
  • Excellent build quality and very durable
  • This lens extender is lightweight and easy to transport. Fits easily in any camera bag
  • Simple to mount with the Canon lens release mechanism
  • Designed for Canon EF mount L series lenses

Canon EF 1.4X III Telephoto Extender

This awesome Canon teleconverter offers seven elements in three groups and will increase your lenses focal length by 1.4x while maintaining your image quality. This extender is compatible with far more lenses than the Canon 2.0X. It prevents chromatic aberrations while providing some of the best optical performance you can get in a Canon lens extender. It comes with Canon’s impressive Super Spectra coating which will prevent flare and ghosting. Once mounted it automatically transfers image data between the lens and the camera body with the built in processor that applies metering, focusing info, as well as ID information. This teleconverter does it all seamlessly providing exceptional all around performance.

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  • When mounted with L series lenses you maintain AF accuracy
  • Designed with a lens release mechanism
  • Other lens series will occasionally see less accurate AF

Kenko Teleplus HD DGX 1.4x Teleconverter

This lens extender is designed to work with Canon EF/EF-S lenses. This model will offer you a 1.4x magnification of your prime lens. It performs exceptionally well in transferring data from the camera body to the lens with it’s built in circuitry. It will maintain image stabilization and metering flawlessly providing truly exceptional performance. It even offers enhanced EXIF data, which will translate aperture and focal length info without having to mess with settings.

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  • Great performance at a low price
  • Features digital multi coating that minimizes glare and ghosting
  • Strong build quality, durable and well designed
  • Lightweight and compact, easy to transport
  • Not as well sealed as Canon brand teleconverters
  • Some loss in image quality can occur

Kenko Teleplus HD DGX 2x Teleconverter

This is another great budget friendly teleconverter. It provides 2x magnification while reducing your lens’s aperture by two stops. This extender is very lightweight making it easy to shoot with and transport while offering no negative effects to image quality or lens performance. It is designed for Canon DSLR’s so it should work with almost all lenses. It maintains image stabilization as well as metering and autofocus. It also offers digital multi coating that eliminates ghosting and flare. This is a great value and performing teleconverter.

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  • Very lightweight and portable teleconverter
  • Strong and durable build quality
  • Lower cost than comparable third party Canon extenders
  • Does not offer robust weather sealing like Canon brand models


Prior to testing models for this article I have not used a teleconverter in a number of years but I was thoroughly impressed with the performance of the top rated models. It is now possible to get telephoto range without dropping big money on a dedicated lens. If you are looking for a great performing, high value extender then any of the top rated picks are a great way to go.

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