Best Softbox For Newborn Photography

Last Updated on March 21, 2021

Are you searching for the best softbox for newborn and baby photography?

Shooting newborn photography in the studio requires proper lighting or image quality will suffer dramatically. One important tool for achieving optimum studio lighting is have a solid softbox setup. In this article you will find the top rated softboxes for infant and baby photography.

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I have been a professional portrait and baby photographer for a couple decades now and when I started shooting studio sessions I spent a lot of money on my lighting gear. Not everything I invested in back then was worth the money. Any of the top rated softbox lighting picks on this list are great performers and will be well worth your hard earned money.

Best Softbox For Newborn Photography

Neewer Photography Bi-color Dimmable LED Softbox Lighting Kit

This is an awesome all in one softbox kit ideal for newborn studio photography. It includes all the features and tools needed to get your lighting to the next level. You get two studio quality softboxes that come each with a 45 watt LED dimmable light head. You also get two light stands constructed of durable lightweight aluminum, power adapters and a carrying case. The bi color dimmable head offers pleasing lighting with full brightness adjustments. This is an awesome all in one kit that comes in at a great price point.

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  • Comes with two softboxes with stands
  • Full brightness control
  • Built in cooling fan
  • Dimensions are 20″ x 27″

ShowMaven Photography Bi-Color Dimmable LED Softbox Lighting

This is another great all in one softbox lighting kit perfect for baby photographers. This kit offers three studio quality softboxes that come with 45 watt dimmable LED light heads. You also receive 78″ light stands that are durably constructed. The LED’s are dimmable with color temperature 2700k and 5500k. You get full brightness control with the well designed adjustment knobs. These 20″ x 28″ inch softboxes are a great size for lighting infant and baby photo studio sessions.

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  • Three 20″ x 28″ Softboxes perfect size for studio newborn photography
  • Comes with light stands and other useful extras
  • Full brightness adjustment
  • Softboxes provide 210 degree tilt

Godox Beehive Honeycomb Grid Strip Softbox

These large honeycomb style softboxes offer very pleasing light. Performance is near flawless. The two 14″ x 63″ softboxes provide soft and flattering portrait lighting ideal for babies. The honeycomb grid is removable offering great lighting flexibility. The lighting is very even and I noticed no issues while in use. The main drawback is that these softboxes do not fold down making them not portable at all. But if you plan to only shoot in a dedicated studio these softboxes are a solid choice.

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  • Excellent lighting quality
  • Large honeycomb design
  • Durable and well designed
  • Good value

Fositan Softbox Kit

These are a solid budget friendly softbox option. They provide excellent performance and are easy to use. They offer good consistent lighting and offer sturdy light stands. The angle can be adjusted for improved fill lighting. They comes with double white cloth diffusers and a carrying bag. While not as robust as the top picks, this is a very solid budget friendly softbox perfect for the beginner newborn photography.

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  • Solid performance
  • Adjustable boom arm
  • 45 watt CFL bulbs
  • Low price

Linco Softbox Lighting Kit

This low cost softbox is perfect for the budget friendly baby photographer. It offers two quality softboxes with a solid build. The included light stands are sturdy and offer adjustability. The real selling point for this model is the very low price. These softboxes probably won’t last you more than about five years but for the price they are an excellent entry point.

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  • Two softboxes and light stands
  • Good overall performance
  • Very low price


When beginning to build your studio lighting setup for newborn photography getting a high quality softbox is a must. This tool will elevate your image quality and help you capture stunning baby photographs without a huge financial investment. Any of the top rated picks will serve you well.

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