Best Photography Gloves

Last Updated on March 16, 2021

After years of outdoor and “adventure” photography expeditions I have tried dozens of different photography gloves in search of the ideal set and for this article I have reviewed the most popular. After reading this article you will know tried and true picks for the best photography gloves on the market.

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What Makes Photography Gloves Good?

Because photography can take us into cold, wet, and other brutal weather conditions it is imperative that we keep our hands warm and dry. If your hands become cold and wet your photo session will be cut short, keeping you from getting those shots.

Photography gloves not only must keep your hands warm and dry, they must allow you to operate your camera. Warm hands are no good if you can’t push buttons, change settings, and swap out gear. The top photography gloves allow you to do all of this without exposing your hands to the elements.

Features to Consider When Selecting the Best Photography Gloves

There are a number of things you must keep in mind when selecting a pair of photography gloves. The type of camera, gear and accessories you use will effect the glove you should use. You will need a pair that offers you the mobility to operate your camera without making mistakes. It is also important that you can grip your camera without dropping it and causing expensive damage. The thickness of the gloves is also an important consideration. If you need extreme warmth you will likely need a thicker material glove but that is unnecessary if you are shooting in a warmer but extremely wet environment then you will want a different material.

Best Photography Gloves Top Picks

Karrimor Thermal Gloves

  • Feature a comfortable fleece lining
  • Excellent windproofing
  • Features touchscreen fingertips
  • Constructed of polyester and elastane

The Karrimor line of gloves are widely popular for their comfort and functionality. And these thermal photography gloves are no exception to that reputation. They offer excellent construction quality and are specifically designed to shield your hands from harsh winds. These gloves can handle the coldest winds allowing you to keep shooting longer. The fleece lining is very comfortable too making these a great pair of all around gloves. They feature an elastic wrist helping keep out the chill and they offer fingertips that can be used with a touchscreen camera. They offer a thin and tight fit perfect for manipulating your camera and gear. They do not overly limit your dexterity meaning you won’t have to take your gloves off to swap out gear.

Freehands Stretch Thinsulate Gloves

  • Features thinsulate
  • Provides excellent windproof
  • Features magnetic flip covers for the thumb and index fingers
  • Excellent grip

These gloves are designed for the photographer who has to confront the coldest conditions. They are thick and ready for cold and wet weather offering excellent protection. They are wind and waterproof and use the familiar thinsulate lining which is quite comfortable. Because they are thick they are designed with flip out finger covers so you can still use your thumb and index finger without taking your gloves off. Simply flip open the fingers for when you need to use a touchscreen and close them back up when done. The palm offers a textured surface for a secure grip preventing accidental camera drops. They also feature the Polartec pwer stretch liner for ultimate warmth even in the coldest climates.

GearTOP Touch Screen Thermal Gloves

  • Features touchscreen compatible fingertips
  • Textured grips on palms
  • Constructed of durable Super Roubaix
  • Offers thin and flexible performance

These are ideal for the photographer looking for thin and lightweight gloves. The GearTop gloves are tigh fitting without restricting dexterity and movement. They offer exceptional grip and the tips are designed to allow you to use a touchscreen camera. These gloves are awesome for those who want to keep their gloves on for the entire photo session. They do not prevent you from swapping gear or using buttons and touchscreen settings. Both the thumb and index fingers are padded while maintaining a thin design. These gloves are not for the most extreme cold temperatures but can handle most any other environment. These gloves can handle around 90% of all conditions you will encounter but if you plan to go into extreme cold you will need a warmer pair.

RucPac Professional Gloves

  • Features touchscreen enabled fingers
  • Great grip
  • Weatherproof
  • Offers exceptional dexterity

RucPac is an excellent small photography company that produces excellent equipment for the real photographer. I am a fan of these photography gloves and they are perfect for cold winter weather. They give you real weather protection while allowing you to operate your camera uninhibited. These gloves are thin for a winter ready pair and are up to the challenge of cold weather photography. The fingertips are designed to allow you to use a touchscreen without removing your gloves. They are very popular with street photographers due to their warmth and mobility. The grip on the palms is solid as well, preventing gear from slipping out of your hands. They feature a tight comfortable fit too.

Under Armour ColdGear Infrared Softshell Gloves

  • Offers water protection
  • Fingertips are compatible with touchscreens
  • Features a suede palm
  • Features thermo conductive inside lining

These gloves will provide you with water and wind protection while looking good. They will keep your hands warm and dry even in cold winter weather. Now I would say that I’ve been in some extremely cold environments where these gloves would not hold up, but for the majority of winter conditions these will serve you well. I do find it can be hard to operate smaller buttons with these gloves on but they do offer touchscreen compatible fingertips. Overall these are a solid pair of winter photography gloves.

The Heat Factory Softshell Mittens/Gloves

  • Fingerless gloves with a mitten flap
  • Provides a Thinsulate lining
  • Water and wind protection
  • Ideal for spring and fall
  • Has an internal pouch that can hold hand warmers

I really like these gloves from The Heat Factory as I am a fan of fingerless gloves and the mitten flap. They are perfect for those transition season days that can often be cold and wet. During these times of year you won’t need thick and cumbersome gloves but the flap comes in handy for warming back up as needed. They are comfortable and it is easy to operate your camera and change lenses or filters without removing your gloves. While you won’t be taking these on a polar photography trip, they will work great for the majority of the year. They feature an extended cuff so you can keep them tucked into your jacket sleeve. The lining is very soft making for a comfortable feel.

SealSkinz Ultra Grip Knitted Gloves

  • Excellent grip on palms and fingers
  • Provides great dexterity
  • Constructed of Merino wool blend
  • Fingertips are touchscreen enabled

These gloves from SealSkinz offer exceptional protection during the wet and cold winter months. They are some of my favorite photography gloves and I won multiple pairs. They are just that good. If you are planning to brave polar weather in pursuit of the perfect shot these gloves are perfect for you. They provide complete protection from water and wind and can be worn day and night. These gloves do such an awesome job at keeping your hands warm and dry you will not have to worry about cutting a photo session short due to your hands getting cold. The touchscreen enabled gloves work flawlessly and these gloves provide excellent dexterity. The finger and palm grip is superb and prevent cameras from slipping out of your hands even in rainy weather. These gloves are perfect for all types of outdoor photography and are an excellent value.

MacWet Climatec Long Cuff

  • Water resistant
  • Polymide Polyurethene and Elastane blend construction
  • Comfortable fleece lining
  • Offers excellent grip

These unique gloves from MacWet are exceptional for waterproofing. They offer full mobility for operating your camera and gear. They fit tight and offer great grip on the palms and the fingertips. They can also be used on a touchscreen camera meaning you can shoot in the wettest of conditions without having to take off your gloves. If you are shooting in windy weather, no worries. These gloves provide wind protection too. I really like the sleek design and how they fit, almost like you’re not even wearing any gloves. They additionally have a long cuff with elastic. These are a great set of photography gloves that I’ve added to my personal rotation.

The Heat Company Heat 3 Smart gloves

  • Ideal for cold weather
  • Very warm yet breathable
  • Provides excellent protection from wind and water
  • Insulated with Primaloft Gold Synthetic Down

These premium photography gloves from The Heat Company provide protection from the most extreme conditions and are my second best overall rated gloves (the next on the list is number 1). These gloves are specifically designed for the worst weather conditions a photographer will face. That means they are thick making them not meant for mild winter weather. These gloves are the ones I use when shooting arctic and polar conditions and they are ideal for the photography doing the same. They are partially constructed of goat leather making them very durable providing a long life of warmth and comfort. They offer a tight fit and even have a pocket that can hold hand warmers or even small gear like a memory card.

Vallerret Markhof Pro 2.0 Photography Glove

  • Liner is Merino Wool
  • Features magnet finger closures
  • Waterproof protection
  • Features a pocket for memory cards

Vallerret is the top of the top when it comes to photography glove quality. They are used by professionals around the world and they offer the performance a pro demands. These gloves are an exceptional all around photography glove and are ideal for fall through mid winter weather. The inside is lined with 100% Merino wool and are very comfortable and warm. The fingertip flaps allow you to operate your camera without removing your gloves and they close tight with the magnetic caps. The grip is very good on both the palms and the fingers helping to prevent costly damage to gear. They also feature a built in pocket ideal for storing additional memory cards. These gloves offer the best built quality and performance and come in at a very reasonable price for all that you get.