Best Locations For Family Portraits

Last Updated on May 7, 2021

autumn outdoor family portrait

I’ve been doing family portrait photography for a number of years and one of the most important aspects of getting great family pictures is choosing the right location to take them.
If you are looking for ideas for your next family portrait shoot read on for my massive list of ideas.

Where To Take Family Pictures

In The Home

It’s the most obvious but also one of the best locations. The home is a comfortable location that will make it easier to get great shots. There is a genuine feel to portraits taken in the family home and capturing that will improve your portrait quality. Use items in the home for a personal touch to your family pictures.

Place Of Worship

If the family being photographed is a member of a worship community, it makes for a great portrait location. It is also often a place a comfort that will bring out a more natural feel to your images. It also helps in telling the family story. Always get permission first to ensure you are able to use the facility for photos and to not interrupt any events going on at the worship facility.

At The Park

It’s a great place to take family portrait photographs. Often the environment has a calming effect, which can bring out more natural expressions from your subjects. It’s also a place that is very common and familiar to the people being photographed, and that familiarity will be captured in your pictures. If you are looking for a location free of distractions, then go to a park.

Ball Field

Do members of the family play sports? Taking portraits of the family in the location they spend much of their quality time can be a great setting for portraits. Whether at an outdoor field or even an indoor facility, I’ve taken some of my best family portraits that are sports themed.

Outside At Sunrise or Sunset

This is one of my favorite times to capture some amazing portraits of families. The sky at sunrise or sunset has a soft glow that is very pleasing to the eye, and you can get great color on the faces. The light is softer in quality and very flattering for portraits.

Outside At Midday

The mid day lighting is a great time to capture family portraits as well. It is usually a bright time and the light is not harsh. The mid day light can also look natural and inviting, helping to create a very relaxed atmosphere for portraits.

At Night

The night time can be perfect for taking family portraits as the sky has soft lighting that puts everybody in the right mood for being photographed. This can be done indoors or outdoors depending on where you are taking your pictures. If your family enjoys camping or hiking create a scene that captures them doing what they love.

Cloudy Day Outside

The light is diffused in the clouds and creates a soft lighting that can be great for portraits. It’s an interesting twist if you usually take family pictures on sunny days. I’ve seen many family portraits using a cloudy day as the background.

Bottom Line

It’s your family and no one else’s. Be creative with locations and capture the people you love for as long as you can. Shoot in a fun, unique, comfortable space.