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Last Updated on March 16, 2021

Even though I have more cameras to choose from than most, I still shoot a lot of pictures of family, friends, and vacations with my iPhone. If you shoot a lot of pictures with your iPhone or Android smartphone then you are probably looking to get a great printer that can seamlessly print your pictures.

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On demand smartphone printers have become quite popular and they are awesome to have if you take a lot of pictures with your camera phone. This will allow you to have your precious moments in a physical picture quick and easily. Prior to getting my printer I can’t imagine how many digital pictures have been lost over the years due to crashed or lost phones or accidental deletion.

Top Rated Printers for iPhone and Smartphones

Portable printers are often a bit more expensive than most other phone accessories. And because of that it is very important to invest your money in a model that will provide you with a long life of great performance. If you are looking to print your smartphone pictures on demand then it is an awesome piece of tech to invest in.

There are a number of different types of printers on the market and depending on your exact needs, one of the following recommendations will be exactly what you need.

One popular type of printer are the zero ink, Zink, printers. They are the most popular type you will find on the market for smartphones. As the name implies, these printers do not utilize ink cartridges and instead they are designed to use activated crystals in the paper to produce the images. These types of phone printers are much lighter than most other models making them great for travel and portability. Some of the most popular versions of Zink printers are the Canon Ivy, Lifeprint Hyperphoto, and the HP Sprocket.

You will find that most Zink printers offer similar features, but there are some unique differences to be aware of and I will show you those differences below.

There are also digital to analog printing machines that may be a great selection for you. These all in one printers are similar to what you can find in an office setting, but significantly smaller. There printers do use printing cartridges making them bigger than a Zero ink model.

Now read on for the best of the best

HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer

The HP Sprocket is an awesome printer for those who take a ton of photos for social media and want to print them off for physical copies. This machine is extremely portable and easy to use. It measures a tiny 3″ x 4.5″ which means you can literally stick it in a pocket or travel bag. It features a long life rechargeable battery that will let you print off up to thirty pictures per charge. This is an awesome smartphone printer for the traveler or individual who wants a small and powerful printer.


  • This machine is Bluetooth enabled meaning you do not need a bunch of cords to run it. Once it is paired with your phone you can print pictures completely wirelessly.
  • Incredibly small and lightweight.
  • Unlike some models out there, the photo paper for this printer is very affordable. This is a real savings over the life of your printer.
  • The app allows you to sinc your printer with social media accounts for simple printing options.


  • It only prints 2″x3″ pictures.
  • Only connects wirelessly.

Fujifilm Instax Share SP-2

This is a really cool printer and you won’t find another like it on the market. So the Fuji Instax allows you to turn any of your digital or social media pictures into a Instax Mini “Polaroid” style picture. While it does not allow you any other print size options, if like me you love the idea of turning all your favorite digital photos into a Instax Mini photograph. While this model won’t be for everyone, it is a great performing printer and it is incredibly easy to use. It is great for the photography lover.


  • Great color printing performance. Options include Rose Gold, Slate Gray, and Mint Green.
  • Still get great Polaroid style images even if you do not have your Instax camera with you.
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Make edits from your phone before printing to make your photos just how you like them.
  • Beautiful analog vibe with all your digital photos including your social media images.


  • More expensive than other printer models on this list. Including the paper.
  • Only printable size is just a bit smaller than 2×3 inches.
  • Only prints in the Instax Mini format meaning you won’t be able to print in any of the other Fujifilm formats.

Canon Selphy CP1300 Wireless Photo Printer

So the Canon Selphy is a serious photo printer. While the printers above are fun and awesome, they have a narrow use when compared to this Canon. This wireless smartphone picture printer is packed with features and functionality. Whether you have an iPhone of Android device, this printer has you covered. It has a fully functional menu and settings list for optimal printing. It is a absolute great printer for those looking for a true photo printer for their smartphone.


  • Allows you to print in numerous different sizes including 4×6, 2×2, 2.1×3.4, 3.5×4.7.
  • It has a color display screeen for menu options.
  • It has an SD card slot in addition to a thumb drive so you can even print photos without your phone.
  • Comes with a USB capable allowing you to use a laptop as well.
  • The WiFi works well connecting with your phone
  • It features a connection for PictBridge cameras so you can print without removing the SD card.
  • Comes with a power adapter.
  • Incredibly affordable per print cost.


  • One of the bigger printers on the list.
  • Not as exciting of a design.
  • Heavier than other models.
  • Cost higher than some.
  • Good battery life but less than Zink models.

Canon Ivy Mini Photo Printer

If you want to get close to the Canon Selphy in performance but in a smaller package then the Canon Ivy is for you. While not as robust in features as the Selphy, the Ivy is a legitimate photo printer. It is a Zink model making it incredibly affordable and portable. It is ideal for printing photos directly from your phone and it has just enough features to make it plenty versatile. It is well designed and easy to use even for a beginner.


  • Beautiful slim design is much better than the Canon Selphy. It comes in multiple great color options and is very popular with social media influencers.
  • It is incredibly compact and lightweight. Measures .7″ x 3.2″ x 4.7″ and weighs just 5.6 ounces.
  • You get a Tiling feature which will allow you to create awesome collages from up to four different digital images.


  • Does not come with Wifi capabilities. You will have to use your computer to print images.
  • Not as many photo editing features as the Selphy
  • The color is not at vibrant as the Selphy

Lifeprint 3 x 4.5 Hyperphoto Printer

Now that we have covered the retro printer style of the Fujifilm and the workhorses offered by Canon it is time for the truly unique Hyperphoto. This phone printer offers some sincerely futuristic capabilities. This printer allows you to produce augmented reality animations out of your digital still shots. It is really simple to get this amazing augmented reality effect. Simply take a picture of any of your videos and print a thumbnail and the printer will actually embed the info onto your photo paper. Then you will be able to view your image through the Lifeprint app which gives you a video playback right on your screen. And it plays within the borders of your photo. It is a really cool effect when you see yourself holding the image as it moves. This is a very fun printer that will impress your friends.


  • The app does an impressive job creating movement from your still shots. It really brings them to life.
  • Prints in 3×4.5 which is larger than most Zink printers on the market.
  • It is small and lightweight. Measuring 4.5 x 6 inches.
  • The app has a built in social media platform for sharing images.


  • Each image print is more than other models on the list,
  • Prints slower than other Zink printers for phones.
  • Others will have to use the app to see your images.
  • Must use the app to use the printer.


As you can see, there are a lot of fun and functional options on the market for iPhone printers. There are options that will let you bring out your personal creative side and models that can do whatever you will need in a photo printer. If you need a workhorse then one of the two Canon’s will serve you well. But if you want to express yourself in a unique way then the Fujifilm or the Hyperphoto may be the way to go.

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