Best Fuji Lenses

Last Updated on April 8, 2021

Fuji camera gear in bag

If you shoot with a Fujifilm and are looking for a great digital lens you are reading the right review. I have rounded up the most popular lenses on the market and after reading this article you will know the top rated Fuji lens recommendations.

Fujifilm Cameras

fuji x t100 camera

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Fujifilm has a strong and loyal following in the photography world thanks to there performance and value packed camera line. They have produced some exceptional mirrorless cameras and they are gaining more and more popularity. The three most used models are the Fujifilm X-T100, the X-T2, and the X-T3. The older X-T1 is still widely used as well.

No matter which of these cameras you shoot with they utilize the X mount lens system making them all compatible with the same lenses. So even if you start off with a lower priced model with intentions of upgrading later, the lenses you invest in today will be compatible when you upgrade. There are also cameras that utilize the G mount system, they are not cross compatible so keep that in mind.

Best Fuji Lenses

Any discussion about the best lens, no matter the make of your camera, there are a few considerations that must be looked at to make the best choice. While quality is definitely a huge part of the equation, you must also be aware of the type of photography you will be shooting. This will impact the focal length and type of lenses you will need.

I shoot a number of different styles and whether you are a street photographer, concert photographer, portrait or anything else, it is very important to understand the lens features that are best suited for your particular needs.

For example, a street setting may require a wide to standard lens while a nature photographer or portrait shot may be best taken using a telephoto lens. You may even want to go with a high quality prime lens in this instance.

Because of the wide ranging nature of selecting the best Fuji lens I will be sure to recommend the best lenses for the most widely used types of photography so you are sure to find the right one for you and your personal shooting style. That means you will find the top zoom and prime lenses for Fuljifilm cameras below.

Wide Angle Prime: Fuji 16mm f/1.4

  • Has an angle of view of 83.2°
  • Equivalent of a 24mm for crop sensor cameras
  • Weather protected

Most photographers will need at least one high quality wide angle lens. It is a staple for capturing more of the environment within your shot. The Fujifilm 16mm wide angle lens is one of the fastest lenses on the market for Fuji. It offers excellent performance and images with little to no distortion. It has a very durable build quality making it a long lasting lens. It is compatible with all X series cameras. It provides a great shot for most shots that do not require a telephoto lens. You will be able to shoot with a slower shutter speed without sacrificing image quality like you will with an ultra wide angle lens. This is probably the best all around wide angle Fuji lens.

Short Telephoto Prime: Fuji 56 mm f/1.2

  • Has an angle of view of 28.5°
  • Equivalent to a 85 mm for crop sensor cameras

This prime Fuji lens is best for those looking to shoot in low light conditions. It is also an exceptional portrait photography lens. This prime allows you to use a wide f/1.2 aperture. This lens is extremely popular and was initially out of stock when I went to grab one. It works with both full frame and crop sensor cameras, and you get 85mm when shooting with a crop. Image quality is superb and you will get vibrant and realistic color. It is also an excellent model for capturing images with a bokeh effect.

Telephoto Prime: Fuji 90 mm f/2

  • Has an angle of view of 17.9°
  • Equivalent to a 137 mm for crop sensor cameras
  • Weather protected

This telephoto lens is ideal for those shooting in low light conditions. With a wide open aperture of f/1.2 this lens is amazing for night sky photography. It is also capable of handling moving subjects making this an extremely versatile telephoto lens. It is very popular with landscape and astrophotographers. It offers an impressive autofocus with 11 elements and 8 groups which will limit vignetting. It is surprisingly lightweight and easy to handle shooting in hand or on a tripod. I like pairing it with my XT2 as I can get a focal length of 137mm. Add in the weather protection and you have an awesome lens well worth the investment.

Wide Zoom: Fuji 10-24 mm f/4

  • This one has an angle of view of 110° – 61.2°
  • 15 – 36 mm if you are using a crop sensor camera

The wide angle zoom is very popular, maybe more so than the prime version, due to the versatility it offers. It allows you to shoot at more distances effectively without the need to swap out lenses. This model is great for shooting landscapes and nature. It will also make an exceptional street photography lens. It offers a tight frame and it works with both full frame and crop sensor cameras. The focal length is 15-36mm when shooting with a crop frame. That is still well within the wide angle lens range. The zoom range of this model makes it possible to change our framing without needing to step beyond the wide angle field of view. This also makes a great architectural photography lens.

Standard Zoom: Fuji 16-55mm f/2.8

  • Has an angle of view of 83.2°- 29°
  • Has a 24-84mm mm range with crop sensors
  • Weather protected

This standard zoom Fuji lens is ideal for shooting portraits, landscapes and even documentary’s. It is a great low light lens with a fast f/2.8 aperture. I particularly like pairing this lens with a crop sensor camera as it is extremely versatile. It provides exceptional image quality and when paired with an X-T2 is gives you the equivalent of shooting with a 24/84mm telephoto lens. It offers a solid build quality and is composed of durable metal. It is surprisingly lightweight as well making it a great lens to travel with.

Telephoto Zoom: Fuji 50-140mm f/2.8

  • Has an angle of view of 31.7° – 11.6°
  • Equivalent to a 76mm to 214 mm for crop sensor cameras

This is the top telephoto lens if you go by popularity. This Fuji X mount zoom lens offers 50-140mm f/2.8 which is equivalent to the Nikon or Canon 70-200mm. This lens should be invested in by every Fuji photographer who shoots with a telephoto lens. This lens offers exceptional image clarity across the entire focal range. Most telephotos lenses lose performance at the edges of the range, but this one is just plain impressive. The autofocus is quick and accurate while being relatively silent. It is a great option for sports photography and even works very well in low light conditions. The low light shooting is best suited for stationary or slow moving subjects.


As you can see the best lens for Fuji really comes down to what type of photography you will be shooting. The conditions and subject matter impact the decision but no matter what type of photographer you are I have identified the top lens for your needs. Whether you are a street, nature, or landscape photographer like me, or a portrait photographer there are some exceptional lenses available for your Fuji camera.