Best Flash For Nikon D5500

Last Updated on February 2, 2023

Nikon D5500 camera

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Are you looking to improve your image quality by getting the best flash for your Nikon D5500?

I have tested dozens of Nikon and Nikon compatible flashes and after reading this article you will know which TTL flash to get for your camera.

Top Rated Flash for Nikon D5500

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The Nikon D5500 is a widely popular DSLR capable of being used in all types of photography. It produces excellent image quality and performs well under most conditions. One of the best ways to improve it’s performance even more is by using a high quality flash for even better image quality.

Nikon SB 5000

This true professional quality flash is ideal for the D5500. It provides advanced performance and technology. You get built in radio control for full off camera functionality. This provides you with tremendous versatility in setting up your lighting as you can place the flash anywhere and still control it. You also get one of the fastest recycle times on the market with a built in cooling system that allows you to shoot multiple flash bursts without stopping your session. It has a powerful guide number of 113′ at 180 and 200mm. It provides autofocus beam assist and TTL modes. You get high speed, slow and 1st and 2nd curtain sync. This powerful flash is the best on the market for the D5500.

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Nikon SB 700

Here is another amazing flash for the Nikon D5500 that comes in a little lower priced than the top pick. You still get great performance and many awesome features making this a great option. It comes with a solid guide number of 128′ with an impressive recycle time of two and a half seconds. You get high speed and 1st and 2nd curtain sync. The zoom range is from 24-120mm and you get autofocus assist beam and TTL mode. The flash head offers tilt and rotation for bounce lighting. This flash is particularly popular with portrait photographers as it provides soft flattering lighting consistently. But it works with other photography styles as well. This is a great performing flash at a mid range price tag.

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Nikon SB 500

This speedlight is perfect for the photographer who shoots still shots and video. It offers versatility and performance with a guide number of 78.7′ and a decently quick recycle time of 3.5 seconds. It is very lightweight making it easy to use and transport. You get rotation and tilt for bounce lighting and it offers both i-TTL and manual modes. Add in built in radio transmission for external triggering. You also get high speed sync and plenty of power. It is a great all around flash or beginner video LED.

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Godox TT685N Thinklite TTL Flash

This is a great budget friendly flash that pairs perfectly with your Nikon D5500. It offers a powerful guide number of 197′ with an impressive zoom range of 14-200mm. This TTL compatible flash provides you with high speed sync and manual mode. You get a very fast recycle time and it is a hot shoe flash with tilt and rotation for bounce lighting. Settings are easy to adjust with thee backlit display. It provides wireless functionality allowing this to trigger other flashes. It works equally well on camera and off camera.

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Yongnuo YN968N TTL Speedlight

I am a big fan of Yongnuo flashes and own a number of them. This model provides solid flash performance without the huge price tag of a name brand Nikon flash. It offers a powerful guide number of 196′ with adjustable power output. This flash is comparable to the Nikon SB 700 but it does not have as fast of a recycle time. That means it is not as well suited for slower shutter speeds. It comes with head tilt and rotation for bounce lighting. The impressive zoom range of 20-105mm is great for a third party flash. It is fully compatible with i-TTL technology and comes with high speed sync. It additionally has an LED for video lighting making this a versatile budget flash. It is lightweight and battery powered making it great for throwing in the camera bag. It offers built in wireless control.

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Your Nikon D5500 is a great camera capable of taking great images right out of the box. But to take your image quality to another level it is important to use a high quality flash. Over the years I have tested dozens of Nikon flashes and in this article you’ve learned which are best for your camera.

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