Best Flash For Canon T7i

Are you looking for the best flash for your Canon T7i? The T7i is an incredibly popular entry level DSLR capable of capturing great images. The performance of your camera can be improved dramatically with a high quality flash meant to be used with the T7i.

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As one of the best selling Canon cameras offered for entry level photographers you are in good company. The T7i is a great camera for many types of photography but if you are going to shoot any style of flash photography then you will need to get a high quality flash and below you will find the top performing models on the market.

How To Use Your Canon Flash

Mount Flash and Power On: Keep power off when attaching your flash. Mount your flash by inserting it on your camera’s hot shoe. Then lock it in place with the foot lock lever.

Tip: Use fresh batteries that are the same brand.

Reset Flash Settings: If your flash saves settings, reset them before a new session to avoid using the wrong settings for your current session.

Choose Your Flash Mode: Decide whether you will use TTL or manual flash mode.

Select Shutter Synchronization Mode: Select high speed sync, first or second curtain.

Adjust Your ISO: Adjust to capture proper exposure. This can be adjusted on camera.

Best TTL Flash for Canon T7i

Canon Speedlite 470EX AI Flash

Canon Speedlite 470EX-AI, Auto Intelligent Flash Photography
439 Reviews
Canon Speedlite 470EX-AI, Auto Intelligent Flash Photography
  • World's first flash equipped with an Ai bounce function*
  • Ai. B full-auto mode and AI. B semi-auto mode settings.
  • Maximum guide number of 47 (154 ft. /47M) at is 100.

This extremely popular T7i flash offers exceptional performance with an impressive feature list. It provides you with Canon’s Auto Intelligence Bounce technology for superior on camera lighting. This allows your flash to take in info from the area you are shooting to optimize the lighting settings for your flash. The tilt and rotation adjusts automatically making this possible. You can also manually adjust your tilt and rotation making this an extremely versatile flash. You also get a powerful guide number of 154′ at ISO 100 and 105mm.

  • Professional quality flash
  • Offers Canon’s Auto Intelligent Bounce
  • Fully compatible with E-TTL and E-TTL II
  • Features tilt and rotation
  • Impressive zoom range of 24-105mm
  • Offers AI.B full auto and AI.B semi auto modes
  • Easy to read LCD panel
  • Allows optical receiver mode
  • Features autofocus assist mode
  • Battery powered

Godox V1 Flash for Canon

Godox V1-C Flash for Canon, 76Ws 2.4G TTL Round Head Flash Speedlight, 1/8000 HSS, 480 Full Power Shots, 1.5s Recycle Time, 2600mAh Lithium Battery, 10 Level LED Modeling Lamp, W/Color Filters
  • 🌿Godox V1 Features Round Fresnel Head for Soft Natural Light, stable color temperature at 5600±200K over the entire power range, The zooming head...
  • 🌿|Fast and Convenient Magnetic Rim|: Being able to work with light is the key to creating better, more creative images. Thanks to a built-in smart...
  • 🌿|High Powered & Speedy Recycling Battery|: Godox V1 offers 480 full power flashes, 1.5 sec. recycle time with a charge time of just 3.5 hours....

Godox produces some excellent third party flashes and the V1 is my favorite for the Canon EOS Rebel T7i. It provides powerful output that works consistently and produces soft flattering light. It is fully compatible with Canon’s E-TTL and E-TTL II systems. The design is unique with a round flash head and it is well built and durable. You get bounce lighting with the tilting and rotating head. This flash also has a magnetic mount point for added light modifiers.

  • Great performance at a reasonable price
  • Powerful output
  • Soft flattering light
  • Offers Auto zoom with a range of 28-105mm
  • Built in wireless X system
  • Bounce lighting with tilt and rotation
  • Offers a built in LED modeling lamp
  • Fast recycle time
  • Powered with removeable Li-ion battery

Canon Speedlite 600EX II RT Flash

Canon Speedlite 600EX II-RT
267 Reviews
Canon Speedlite 600EX II-RT
  • Improved performance of continuous flash by approx. 1.1 to 1.5x for fast firing (up to 2.0x if used with optional Compact Battery Pack CP-E4N)
  • Wireless flash shooting support is available for both radio and optical transmission, offering users greater functional range when using a flash
  • Multiple flash system allows control of up to five groups of flashes;Approx. 100 to 700 flashes

This is the highest performing flash compatible with the Canon T7i. The only reason it is this low on the list is because it does come in at a high price point. But performance is truly professional level and you get all the features you will ever need in an external speedlite. It works very well both on camera and off camera. The wireless triggering and function is flawless and has a range of up to 98.4′. It is able to illuminate even with obstructions present. The flash is relatively easy to learn how to use and once you get familiar with it you will never need a better flash.

  • Amazing performer with all the features you need
  • On camera and off camera external flash
  • Fully compatible with E-TTL and E-TTL II
  • Powerful guide number of 197′ at ISO 100 and 200mm
  • Impressive zoom range of 20-200mm
  • Tilt and rotation for bounce lighting
  • Offers continuous shooting
  • Features high speed and 1st and 2nd curtain sync
  • Comes with bounce adaptor and hard color filters
  • Battery powered

Canon Speedlite 430EX III RT

Canon Speedlite 430EX III-RT Flash
599 Reviews
Canon Speedlite 430EX III-RT Flash
  • Compact body for space efficiency and style
  • Zoom flash head covers a range of 24-105mm; maximum guide number 141ft./43m at ISO 100
  • Convenient controls include a built-in Catch light Panel to help enhance the subject's facial expression, Dot-matrix LCD and Multi Dial that help...

This is another excellent wireless capable external flash that pairs wonderfully with the T7i. The triggering system offers both slave and master modes and is compatible with E-TTL and E-TTL II. You get a powerful guide number of 141′ at ISO 100 and 105mm. The zoom range is great at 24-105mm and has a built in wide panel that extends the flash coverage to 14mm. You can create bounce lighting with the tilt and rotation and it has a high quality LCD screen and easy to use multi dial for adjusting settings.

  • Pro performance
  • Offers exposure compensation
  • Features light settings of even coverage, standard, and guide number priority
  • Wireless transmission offering slave and master modes
  • Allows up to ten custom functions
  • High quality LCD screen
  • Has a metal locking foot
  • Battery powered

Yongnuo Speedlite YN600EX RT II

YONGNUO Updated YN600EX-RT II Wireless Flash Speedlite with Optical Master and TTL HSS for Canon AS Canon 600EX-RT w/EACHSHOT Diffuser
  • Updated version from YN600EX-RT.
  • Multiple Trigger Mode Supported.The YN600EX-RT II can be triggered by the camera set-top, PC synchronous trigger, wireless optical/radio remote...
  • Ultrafast Charging Recycle System, Supports External Power Supply. It just take 2 seconds at full output. Even if not use the brand new batteries, it...

This is the best budget priced flash for the Canon ESO T7i. I really like Yongnuo as they provide beginner and budget conscious photographers with high quality gear at low prices. This model provides a powerful guide number of 197′ at ISO 100 and 200mm. You get a great zoom range of 20-200mm and a wide angle panel for additional coverage of 14mm. You can create bounce lighting with the tilt and rotation. Check out my recommendations for the best Yongnuo flash for Canon.

  • Solid performance at a low price
  • Compatible with Canon radio transmission
  • Powerful guide number of 197′ at an ISO of 100 and 200mm
  • Impressive zoom range of 20-200mm
  • Offers high speed and 1st and 2nd curtain sync
  • Features wireless master and slave mode
  • Bounce lighting with tilt and rotation
  • Battery powered

Manual Flash For Canon EOS Rebel T7i

Yongnuo YN560 IV Speedlite

Yongnuo YN-560 IV Flash Speedlite for Canon Nikon Pentax Olympus DSLR Cameras with EACHSHOT Diffuser
  • Supports Wireless Master Function
  • Supports Wireless Slave Function, fully supports YN560-TX, RF-603, RF-602 Wireless transmitter
  • Multiple Trigger Synchronous Mode Supported

Here is another great Yongnuo Speedlite ideal for the photographer looking for a manual flash. This model offers long range triggering capabilities and is compatible with RF-603 and RF-602 transmitters. You will get an impressive guide number of 190′ at an ISO of 100 and 105mm. The zoom range is solid as well at 24-105mm which can be extended to 18mm with the built wide angle diffuser. This is a real bargain too so it is perfect for photographers of all levels looking for a low cost manual flash.

  • Great performance and reasonably priced
  • Bounce lighting with tilt and rotation
  • Wireless slave mode
  • Fast recycle time
  • Impressive zoom range of 24-105mm
  • Allows multi mode flash firing
  • Battery powered

Bolt VD 410 Manual Flash For Canon

Here is another excellent third party flash option that is perfect for your T7i DSLR. It is perfect for the beginner who wants a manual external flash. The VD-410 is very easy to use and settings are simple to select. You can use this flash on camera or off camera and create bounce lighting with the head tilt and rotation. It also has a built in wide angle diffuser panel. The price is right as well making this a great option.

  • Easy to use manual flash
  • Ideal for both on camera and off camera use
  • Bounce lighting with rotation and tilt
  • Features optical slave mode
  • Fast recycle time
  • Battery powered


Canon external flash
Canon T7i Flash

The T7i has hundreds of thousands of active users thanks to it’s great performance and ease of use. It still provides great performance and you can improve that performance even more with a high quality external flash. Whether you are looking for a TTL or manual model there are a lot of options available. But any of the best flash picks above are certain to provide you with great performance and improved lighting and image quality.

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