Best Flash For Canon T6i

Last Updated on February 3, 2023

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Are searching for the best Flash for your Canon T6i?

The T6i is a great camera capable of capturing high quality images in many photography styles. To get the best image exposure though you will need a high quality flash. I’ve used dozens of Canon flashes over the years and after reading this article you will know which flash to get for your camera.

Best Flashes For Canon EOS Rebel T6i

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The T6i is a very popular model that performs very well right out of the box. It allows you to take great images in all types of photography. But to take your image quality to higher levels you will need great lighting and the easiest way to do that is by using a top rated flash.

What to Look For In A Flash

Power: This is the most important aspect of your external flash. Guide number is used to identify a flashes power output. The higher the guide number, the more power a flash possesses. Your guide number equals your aperture times your distance from subject.

Recycling Time: This is how much time is needed between each flash burst. Most flash specifications will note the recycle time for using the lowest power output and the highest. Generally speaking, the high power output recycle time is the most important number to consider.

TTL: This mode uses pre flash light bursts to determine the appropriate flash exposure. Read more about TTL

Auto Focus Assist Beam: This feature is often considerably better than the internal camera autofocus. It is also crucial for taking low light shots.

Tilt and Swivel: A flash that offers tilt and swivel opens up many lighting options and should be in any premium prices flash. It will markedly enhance your ability to light your subjects for more interesting shots.

Canon 600EX-RT Speedlite

The 600EX-RT is a great flash that provides professional quality lighting. You get a built in wireless system that offers control of up to five flash groups. It allows for up to 18 custom functions and 7 personal functions for unequalled versatility. You can create bounce lighting with the head tilt and rotation. It has a color filter holder and a high quality LCD panel for easy operation. The powerful guide number is 197′ at ISO 100 and an impressive zoom range of 20-200mm. The build quality is exceptionally good so this flash will last you for many years.

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  • Professional performance
  • Powerful guide number of 197′ at ISO 100
  • Great zoom range of 20-200mm
  • High quality LCD screen
  • Easy to operate
  • Color filter holder
  • Wireless multi flash system
  • AF assist beam
  • Battery powered

Sigma EM-140 Ring Light Flash

This is the best ring light for the money for T6i photographers. It is great for shooting video or stills and offers great overall performance. It is fully TTL compatible and allows you to take creative control over your lighting. You get high speed sync and a guide number of 14′. This ring light is ideal for shooting video and close up photography and portraits. It is also very popular with medical and scientific photographers.

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  • Excellent overall performance
  • Ideal for video and close up photography
  • Wireless control
  • High speed sync
  • Guide number of 14′

Canon 580EX II Flash

This speedlite offers real pro performance at a more reasonable price than the picks above. It is a versatle external flash that works equally well on camera or off camera. It provides dust and water resistance making it a great lens for shooting outdoors. The construction quality is top notch and is durable enough to last you for years. It offers wireless transmission and master and slave modes. It pairs great with the T6i and is very popular with portrait photographers. The recycle time is super fast and you get a guide number of 190′ at ISO 105. You can create bounce lighting easily with the head rotation and tilt.

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  • Professional performance
  • Fast recycle time
  • Powerful guide number of 190′ at ISO 105
  • Bounce light with tilt and rotation
  • AF assist beam
  • Water and dust resistant

Canon 430ex III Flash

This is the best value flash for the T6i. It will provide you with soft flattering lighting and excellent performance. This speedlite is capable of illuminating challenging environments and it is very easy to operate. It is lightweight and compact making it a great option for the photographer who travels frequently. It is great at highlighting color contrast, gauging color temperature and brightness for beautiful natural looking lighting. The recycle time is very snappy and it provides wireless triggering capability for use both on camera and off camera.

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  • Compact and lightweight
  • Great performance at a reasonable price
  • Wireless transmission system
  • Creates soft flattering lighting
  • Flash exposure adjustments
  • Battery powered

Yongnuo YN 568EX II Flash for Canon

This is the best budget flash for Canon EOS T6i available on the market. I love Yongnuo flashes and they are very popular thanks to their great performance and low price. This flash offers an impressive feature list and it is durable and well constructed for the price. It is fully compatible with TTL and can be used on or off camera. You get master and slave modes as well as high speed sync. The guide number is 58 at ISO 100 and 105mm. You get multiple flash modes including ETTL, multi mode, and more. The zoom can be manually or automatically operated and it creates beautiful bounce lighting. This is a very versatile flash perfect for the budget conscious photographer.

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  • Great performance at a budget price
  • Master and slave modes
  • Multiple flash modes
  • Soft flattering lighting
  • Tilt and rotation for bounce lighting
  • HSS and high speed sync
  • Battery powered


As you know, the Canon T6i is a great camera capable of capturing great images. I’ve shot mine tons even though I own way more cameras than anyone should. It’s a fun camera and when paired with a high quality flash it can capture professional quality photos. No matter your budget I have a flash for you on this list. All of them will provide you with great performance and years of use.

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