Best Flash For Canon EOS-1D X Mark III

Last Updated on March 21, 2021

man photographing mountain scene

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Today I will be showing you the best flashes for your Canon EOS 1D Mark III.

The 1D Mark III is one of the absolute best cameras on the market and offers amazing image and video quality. I use mine for all types of photography because it’s performance just cannot be beat.

After testing dozens of flashes I have found the top models for improving image quality and exposure.

Best Flashes For Canon EOS 1D X Mark III

wildflowers and mountain landscape taken with EOS 1D Mark III

The 1D X Mark III is Canon’s newest flagship DSLR and it offers truly awe inspiring image quality straight out of the box. But one way to take your image quality even further is with a high quality flash. Read on for the best performing speedlites on the market right now.

Profoto A1X AirTTL-C Studio Light For Canon

For true professional performance the Profoto A1X is the flash to use. It offers exceptional portability and all the features a serious photographer needs. It provides the ability to easily craft the perfect lighting for your environment with an easy to navigate interface. It is compact and lightweight with a pleasing design. Features include AirTTL and HSS and an Air remote with six groups and twenty channels. It offers a built in auto zoom with manual mode. You get Auto Focus Assist and a high quality LCD screen.

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  • Long wireless range
  • Features an LED modeling light
  • Lighting fast recycle time
  • Comes with five dedicated light shaping tools
  • Air remote
  • Auto zoom and manual mode
  • TTL/MAN switch
  • Long battery life

Canon Speedlite 600EX II-RT Flash

The 600EX II-RT is a superb performing Speedlite that provides pro quality lighting and features. It has a powerful guide number of 197′ at ISO 100 and 200mm with an excellent performing continuous flash mode. The menu allows for easy operation and it comes with a bounce adapter. The radio system works flawlessly with a decent range. It works in obstructed scenes and is very versatile. The price is well worth all you get with this Canon flash.

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  • High powered flash
  • Offers fifteen custom functions with an additional six personal functions
  • Features quick flash settings
  • Fast recycle time
  • Automatic flash color temperature info
  • Features flash exposure compensation mode
  • Has an auto power off feature
  • AF assist
  • Has a built in retractable bounce card
  • Easy mounting
  • Stroboscopic setting

Canon Speedlite 470EX-AI Flash

The 470EX-AI offers great performance at a slightly lower price point. It almost offers the same level of performance as the top two picks so very little is compromised with this speedlite. You get Canon’s Auto Intelligent Bounce Technology, which measures factors in your environment to adjust focus distance by automatically adjusting tilt and rotation. You can also manually adjust your tilt and rotation for bounce lighting. The guide number is 154′ at ISO 100 and 105mm and you get an impressive zoom range of 24-105mm.

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  • Great performance at a lower price point
  • Fully compatible with Canon’s E-TTL and E-TTL II systems
  • Powerful guide number of 154′ at ISO 100 and 105mm
  • Bounce lighting with tilt and rotation
  • Auto Intelligent Bounce Head mode
  • AI.B full automatic and AI.B semi automatic mode
  • Quality LCD screen
  • Features AF assist
  • Battery powered

Godox V1 Flash For Canon

The Godox V1 is my pick for budget priced Canon EOS 1D X Mark III flashes. This third part flash offers solid performance and features for creating flattering subject lighting. It is fully compatible with Canon E-TTL and E-TTL II systems and provides flash head tilt and rotation. This model allows for mounting of additional light modifiers. It comes equipped with Godox’s Wireless X System and has a fast recycle time.

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  • Solid performance at a budget friendly price
  • Fully compatible with Canon E-TTL and E-TTL II systems
  • Speedlite head tilts and rotates
  • Magnetic light modifier mount
  • Features auto zoom with a range of 28-105mm
  • Battery powered


Now that you have one of the best cameras on the market you will want to get the most possible out of your image quality. I’ve had a ton of fun testing all my flashes looking for the best performance possible for the Canon EOS 1D X Mark III and all of the top rated picks work amazingly with it.

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