Best Camera Remote Control

Last Updated on June 25, 2021

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Most photographers will find a remote control to be an absolutely necessary piece of gear. It offers tremendous benefit to improve your shot selection and image quality.

There are a ton of options on the market and for this article I have reviewed the most popular models and have found the top performing remote controls for each budget.

Do not be confused by the different terminology used as you will see them referred to as wireless triggers, remote triggers, shutter cables, remote controls, and wireless shutter releases.

At the end of the day we are talking about the same piece of gear. Check out the links below for a quick look at prices and customer reviews for the top rated recommendations or read on for the full review.

What Is a Camera Remote Control?

Using a remote control will let you shoot with your camera from anywhere without needing to be behind the camera. One great benefit is that it removes camera shake. Even shooting from a tripod can cause camera shake without using a remote control. This is particularly important when shooting with a long exposure or a slow shutter speed.

Another situation that requires a remote is when shooting a scene with movement in it. Portrait photographers will benefit tremendously from the use of a control. With a control a portrait photographer can get out from behind the camera and better direct their subjects for the perfect shot.

Other great uses include shooting time lapse photography and even astrophotography or night sky photography. Using a camera remote will allow you to set specific settings for your frame rate and intervals directly from the unit.

When looking at controls for your camera you will see both wired and wireless models. In general, a wired model will be less costly but it will limit your distance from camera and it is more cumbersome dealing with the wire. Because of this, I recommend investing in a wireless model if it is within your designated budget. But without a doubt, a remote control for your camera is an indispensable piece of equipment.

Best Camera Remote Controls

No matter what make or model of camera you shoot with, I have been certain to find the best options that are compatible with the most popular makes and models on the market. So whether you shoot with Canon or Nikon, Sony, Pentax or even Fuji you are covered here.

CamFi CF101 Wireless Remote Camera Controller

I truly enjoyed using the CamFi. It is easy to operate and offers excellent performance. This model allows you to remotely control your camera as well as upload your images via Wifi to any other device. This is great for sending images to your phone or laptop for later editing. You are also able to seamlessly create time lapse images as you can set the capture interval and time with a photo count. It is a great remote compatible with most Canon and Nikon DSLR cameras.

Vello ShutterBoss II Timer Remote Switch for Sony

This is the top model for Sony cameras but it is a wired model. It offers a 85cm wire so you will have that much length to work with. This is enough for moving directly around your camera setup and shoot in a continuous image burst mode. This remote control has a built in intervalometer which allows you to set the exposre, interval, shot number, and self timer functions. It additionally has a backlit screen so you can see your settings even when shooting in the dark. The battery life is another great aspect of this model as it provides you with between 60 and 720 days of power.

Panasonic Remote Control for Lumix S Series DMW-RS2E

This Panasonic remote control is the best on the market for those who shoot with a Lumix S series camera. It is a wired shutter release cable model that offers excellent performance. You can easily and effectively shoot in burst mode or in wide exposure modes. The wire is 80cm long, and while not the most length on the market, the superior performance makes up for it in the long run. Mine did come with a long, 2 meter, extension cable, so that helps tremendously. This is ideal for those who must have more distance in a remote control.

Hahnel Remote Shutter Release Pro HRF 280 for Fujifilm

Here is another great wired remote shutter release, but for Fuji cameras. It comes with a long 2 meter cable making it plenty long enough for any photographer. This model comes with a locking mechanism which is designed for continuous shooting modes. It is a great remote shutter release for time lapse images. It come in at a very reasonable price with top notch performance. It is compatible with Fuji X-T1, XT-2, X-T10 cameras and more.

Canon RC-6 Wireless Remote Control

I am an avid Canon fan and I have been using the RC-6 for a while now and I have been completely satisfied with the performance. The RC-6 is a wireless camera remote control that has a reliable range of up to 16 feet. This has been more than enough length for every situation I have found myself in. It offers a compact and easy to use design that fits well in the hand. It offers two great features. You can set an immediate or two second delay as well as use it in bulb mode. It is compatible with most popular Canon camera models.

GoPro Smart Remote

If you happen to shoot with a GoPro then you are aware that due to their unusual design they are particularly well suited for a control system. The cameras are incredibly small allowing you to place them almost anywhere. This is great for capturing great perspectives but it can also make it challenging to operate if not placed directly in reach. That is where a smart remote control comes in. This great model will allow you to place your camera anywhere and still start and stop it without being right at the camera. It offers HiLight and tag key recording and can be used with up to 50 cameras and it offers an impressive 600 foot range. It is also designed to be worn on the wrist for added flexibility.