The Best Camera Bag for Travel Photographers

Last Updated on February 3, 2023

Travel photography is a dream for many photographers – a chance to capture the world’s beauty, from sweeping landscapes to intimate street scenes. But taking your camera on the road can be a daunting prospect, especially when it comes to finding the right camera bag. You need a bag that’s durable enough to handle the rigors of travel, but also compact and easy to carry, with enough storage to keep your gear organized and protected.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the best camera bags for travel photographers. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a first-time adventurer, we’ll help you find the perfect bag for your needs. From sleek and stylish backpacks to rugged and roomy duffel bags, we’ll highlight the top bags on the market and give you the tools you need to make an informed decision. So pack your bags and let’s hit the road!

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The features that I most look for are bags that can be slung like a backpack or shoulder bag and even wheels if I am going to carry a lot of gear. They must be able to withstand the riggers of frequent travel. They also need to be able to handle different environments as I travel far and wide with my gear.

Manfrotto Pro Light Reloader-55

  • Highly portable and easy to travel with
  • Features a rain protector
  • Comes with a five year limited warranty
  • Excellent design, 2 in 1 roller bag/camera backpack
  • Can hold up to two dslr’s and up to five lenses
  • Features fourteen protected dividers and two CPS dividers
  • Offers two see through gear pockets

Easily one of my favorite portable travel bags for flying. It is great for wheeling through an airport to your terminal. But you can also sling it and carry it on your back when the ground isn’t suitable for wheeling. It holds a lot of camera gear. Comfortably holds two DSLR cameras and four or five lenses (depending on size). You can even fit memory cards and cables or flashes. It offers good protection and mobility making this a solid value option.

Vanguard ALTA FLY 55T

  • Ideal as a carry on camera bag – Allowed by most airlines
  • Stable four wheel design
  • Features a backpack harness and a three point security system
  • Ample dividers and pockets
  • Offers a laptop/tablet pocket
  • Comes with a rain cover
  • Featured balance tripod carrying system

Another great bag for air travel. This is perfect for those who need a dedicated carry on for frequent travel. It offers great mobility with the four wheel design. It also has backpack straps so you can pick it up and go. It is quite comfortable even when fully loaded. And it holds a lot of camera gear including up to three camera and even one mounted with a telephoto lens. Overall you can secure up to five lenses along with other gear. This is an awesome camera bag for airline travel. It is very popular with portrait and photojournalists.

Neewer 2-in-1 Rolling Camera Backpack

  • Carry on size appropriate for most airlines
  • Measures 14.5″ x 11.8″ x 24.4″
  • Stowable pull handle and shoulder straps
  • Large capacity capable of storing two DSLR cameras
  • Features a side strap ideal for holding a tripod
  • Waterproof and durable
  • Included rain cover

This bag has a well thought out internal design capable of holding a lot of gear. Easily holds two camera bodies as well as lenses and other equipment. I find this bag ideal for the traveling event photographer. It is not designed for the cross country hiker so keep that in mind. With the ample space, waterproofing, and durability this is a great travel bag for camera gear.

Security Picks

As a travel photographer myself, I spend a ton of time of the beaten path hitting new locations. But there are locations where it is best not to announce yourself as a photographer and that’s where a stealth bag design can be a huge benefit. When traveling in these areas I make sure to take a bag that doesn’t look like a camera bag as in some countries a photographer is viewed as a lucrative theft target. These bags will protect your gear from prying eyes and help you prevent being a theft victim.

In particular you will want to avoid having a bag that looks expensive when traveling through these locations. This is particularly true for street photographers. These bags will allow you to keep your cameras hidden until you need them. With that in mind here are the top options for those who need to keep their gear from potential theft.

Think Tank Photo Airport Security V3.0

  • Large capacity – holds up to three cameras and six lenses
  • Features a compartments for laptop and a tablet
  • Can hold lens that is up to 600mm when unattached or 500mm attached
  • Certified meets United States and International carry on regulations
  • Offers a coated security cable with lock for the laptop compartment
  • Measures 14″ x 22″ x 9″

This is an exceptional carry on option for those with security in mind. It is the perfect carry on size and follows most airlines rules for carry ons. The combination lock can be used to secure the bags laptop compartment or to lock the bag to something to prevent grab and run theft. With a capacity of up to three cameras and lenses this travel bag has it all.

Pacsafe Venturesafe EXP45

  • Security zippers capable of adding a lock
  • Puncture stop material
  • Lightweight construction of steel mesh material
  • Includes a steel cable for locking the bag
  • Features two main compartments that are lockable
  • Exterior storage for items you need to access without unlocking
  • Features high density foam for padded back comfort
  • Measures 21.65″ x 13.78″ x 8.66″

PacSafe offers exceptional travel bags with security in mind. This bag offers high quality features for securing your expensive camera gear. It does require the optional camera inserts but it is well worth the added cost as it offers significant added protection for your equipment. This bag offers superb comfort as well making it an excellent choice for the backpacking nature and wildlife photographer. It offers lockable zippers as well as a security cable and puncture proof steel mesh outer construction. This is a rock solid travel bag for securing your photography equipment.

Lowepro Flipside Trek BP 450 AW. XL

  • Designed to make accessing contents easy without setting the bag down
  • Large capacity
  • Measures 12.2″ x 9.5″ x 21.3″
  • Capable of storing a camera with a mounted telephoto lens
  • Areas for lenses and a tripod
  • Large tablet pocket is padded
  • Included cover for water, dust and sand protection

I really like this bags design. It secures by strapping around the waist allowing it to be in the front making it quick and easy to access the contents without taking the bag off. They call it their flipside technology and it is very handy. It offers excellent stealth from would be thieves as well. When worn no one will know you are carting around your expensive photography gear. It also offers large capacity allowing you to keep all your needed gear where you need it. It excels both out in the wilderness as well as walking around the city.

All Weather Picks

When traveling there are tons of new experiences. Everything from new sights, new food to experience and even new (and sometimes scary) weather. And making sure your equipment is safe from extreme weather is an important thing to do. There are some areas that experience daily heavy rain while others blistering heat. You must be prepared for sun, snow and everything in between. And a high quality weather proof camera bag is a great investment for the traveling photographer.

DryZone DF 20 Waterproof Camera Duffle Bag

  • Capacity for up to five lenses and a large DSLR camera
  • Completely waterproof
  • Interior can be customized for your needs
  • This bag can float even when fully loaded
  • The Lowpro system can be customized with additional accessories

This bag offers exceptional water protection. It is 100% waterproof making it ready to take on even the wetest climates. It even floats! This bag was made for the serious traveler who needs to keep their gear safe from even the harshest environments. The zippers are well designed and when closed properly are also waterproof avoiding a common weal point in bags. You also get the benefit of a ton of accessories from the Lowpro line to fully customize your bag for you exact needs.

Miggo MW AG-TSP BB 65

  • Capacity for a DSLR and gear
  • Can be used as a backpack or a sling bag
  • Features straps for stabilization
  • The interior dividers are padded
  • Offers excellent water proofing

This is a great compact sized waterproof camera bag. The Miggo offers a classic shoulder bag design perfect for carrying one camera and some lenses. It is a great model for the street or day trip photographer. If you like to shoot with a trimmed down kit this is a solid option. As a matter of fact, those who tend to use minimal gear should avoid a larger model and go with a compact lightweight option like this. If you want to where it as a backpack you can do that as well. The rain protection is top notch and it also offers a pocket for smaller items like keys and phones.

CADeN Camera Backpack

  • Large capacity for up to two cameras and seven lenses
  • Can strap a tripod to the outside of the bag
  • Offers a hidden pocket on the backside of the bag for items you want to keep from prying eyes
  • Features a USB port for charging items even while in the bag
  • Constructed of high density 900D polyester with a rain cover for exceptional waterproofing
  • Included emergency whistle
  • Measures 43″ x 30.5″ x 13.5″

This travel bag offers a lot of great features you will love. It provides tons of storage space allowing you to travel with all your gear including a tripod. It has pockets that fit a laptop and other personal items. The weather protection is one of the best on the market. The polyester constructed is durable and with the rain cover your gear will be safe and dry. Add in the built in USB port and this is a real winner. This bag is ideal for the traveling photographer who must go into extreme weather with all of their gear.

Durable Picks

Photographers who travel frequently require a bag that will last all of their travels and therefore need the most durable model they can get. The tradeoff to getting a durable bag is that they tend to be heavier and less portable than their lighter weight counterparts. But if you plan to be taking your gear on the road frequently then it is a must to get a bag that can handle the abuse of frequent traveling. These bags will keep your equipment safe even after thousands of miles of being on the road and in the air.

Manfrotto Pro Light Reloader Tough H-55

  • Large carry on size
  • Waterproof, dust proof and crush proof
  • Features a retractable pulling handle
  • High quality wheels
  • Includes reinforced padlock protectors
  • Adjustable interior dividers with padding

This exceptionally durable travel case is packed with useful features that will keep your gear in top condition when traveling. The adjustable dividers are padded for extra protection. The wheels are durable and high quality meaning they will last longer. This bag is waterproof, dust proof and most importantly, crush proof. It features double throw latches and does not require an external rain cover. It is also FAA carry on compliant.

Pelican Weatherproof Duffel MPD40

  • Constructed of highly durable coated 1000D nylon
  • Water resistant
  • High quality YKK zippers prevent water entering
  • Features a loop and lock zipper pull system designed for the external pockets
  • Can be converted to a backpack
  • Comfortable shoulder straps
  • Large capacity main compartment
  • Includes a pocket for a laptop

Pelican is widely popular thanks to their exceptional quality and durability. This duffle bag style is no exception. It can be converted to a backpack for added versatility. It offers strong handles that are designed to last you for years without tearing. It has reinforced corners to protect it from impacts and is water resistant. The zippers are high quality and help keep out moisture. This bag comes with a lifetime warranty as well. This is one of my favorites for when I need a rugged travel bag.

Domke F-2

  • Large storage capacity can handle two cameras and multiple lenses and flashes
  • Can store a tablet
  • Offers 12 compartments and pockets of various sizes
  • The compartments are padded and removeable
  • Strong cotton canvas construction
  • Made in the USA
  • Shoulder strap is padded and adjustable
  • Fully removeable bottom pad
  • Also has hand held straps

This classic photography bag offers durable functionality along with a great look. I’ve had this model for a couple years and it looks even better with a little wear. It is quite popular with photojournalists and I believe the rugged look adds to it’s appeal with them. It is comfortable and very durable. It provides waterproofing as well if you add a little paraffin wax to the canvas shell. Great bag at a great price.

Easy Access Travel Bags

Some photographers will require quick access to their gear in order to not miss a shot. Whether you are a street photographer, candid portrait photographer or any other quick shooter you are in this camp. A fast access camera bag will allow you in and out of the bag and back to taking photos in no time. This style of camera bag also allows you to get your camera stowed away quickly and get back to hiking or traveling. A quick access bag can help you take more shots and in turn, improve your image quality with more shots taken.

Peak Design Everyday Backpack 20L

  • Large capacity can hold one full frame camera and up to four lenses
  • Offers a laptop pocket for models up to 15″
  • Features multiple flexfold gear protecting dividers
  • Has a fully expandable built in expansion with maglatch system
  • Offers camera hold on either side for quick access
  • Ample space for extra gear including remote controls and flashes
  • Features outside tension straps that allow you to lash other gear

Peak Design is well known and loved for it’s exceptional photography gear designs. They offer sincerely well thought through product designs with the real photographer in mind. The Everyday Sling is one of my personal favorites. It is a real comfortable bag that performs great when I need a quick access case. It offers a nice clean minimalist look that won’t go out of style while also being immensely functional. The bag straps are very comfortable and fit well when walking. This is one is a great option and value.

Lowepro Passport Sling III

  • Space for a compact DSLR camera
  • Additional space for lenses, flashes, filters and more
  • The internal insert is removable and adjustable to fit your camera
  • Offers the CradleFit system for your tablet or small laptop
  • The interior compartment adjusts and expands for more storage space
  • The shoulder strap is fully adjustable and has a removable pad

This Lowpro provides very quick access to your camera, and that is the name of the game. With a sit and open front this bag is not only easy access but comfortable as well. The strap is good and adjustable and helps the bag sit at the perfect angle. This is probably one of the fastest access camera bags you can get. It may be smaller than some of the other models but it is the perfect size for a day trip or a session where you won’t need a bunch of fancy equipment or lens changes. The price is right too, making this a great value.

Beschoi Camera Backpack

  • Space enough for a DSLR camera with a mounted lens along with more lens space
  • You can strap your tripod to the outside of the case
  • Waterproof and ideal for backpack photography
  • Very comfortable padded shoulder straps
  • Quick access from multiple sides
  • Measures 16.54″ x 10.24″ x 9.06″

I particularly like the design of this backpack style camera bag as it is perfect for the backpack traveler. You can access your gear fairly easy without taking it off and setting it down. It offers multiple compartments designed specifically for your camera, lenses and more. Even the small items will fit snug and safe. The compartments make it easy to keep your gear organized adding to the improved quickness in changing out lenses and equipment.

Camera Bags for Carrying Lots of Equipment

If you are a professional photographer who travels for serious shoots then you need a travel case that can handle a lot of equipment. And having a case that can do so without damaging your gear during a long trip is a must. When shooting for big events it’s common for me to need to bring multiple tripods, cameras, flashes and lenses and nothing short of one of the following cases will do. They are large but when that’s what you need you go big.

Tenba Roadie Roller 24

  • Ideal for professional photographers and filmmakers
  • Sleek and modern design similar to high end travel luggage
  • Large lenses will fit well
  • Features a large padded compartment insert with room for up to three lenses
  • The insert is also compatible with the Packlite 10 bag
  • Can hold up to two DSLR, Full Frame, or Mirrorless cameras and up to 10 additional lenses

This camera suitcase is ideal for the pro who needs all of their gear when traveling. It is not for the hobbyist or amateur so unless you are a professional please save your money. This case is going to hold enough gear and equipment to satisfy any situation and photo event. It is very utilitarian in design but that is not a bad thing. It has space for your gear and it will keep your stuff safe and ready to be used. You can fit lenses in vertically and organize however you see fit. This case is ideal for airplane travel and expensive equipment transport.

Endurax Extra Large Camera Backpack

  • Extra large capacity backpack design with dual compartments
  • Space for up to two mirrorless or full frame cameras along with up to eight lenses and three flashes
  • Offers storage for other gear as well
  • Features a holder for full size tripods
  • You can buckle your camera to the shoulder straps
  • Well designed straps are very comfortable and ventilated
  • Includes a waterproof rain cover

This is the largest backpack style camera case I reviewed, and it is legitimately huge. It has room for two fully decked out camera kits. It even has enough room for a drone if that’s your photography weapon of choice. Before reviewing it I was a little skeptical but this is a great travel camera backpack. You can seriously fit a lot of gear including a tripod, either a iphone tripod or a full sized. The compartment at the bottom of the pack can been removed giving even more storage space. This is a solid travel backpack for those who need the most space possible.

Evecase Extra Large Travel Backpack

  • Versatile design converts from a travel bag to a DSLR camera backpack
  • High quality construction and durable
  • Features full padding and a dense foam layer for shock proofing
  • Extra pockets for small gear and items
  • Includes a rain cover
  • Measures 12″ x 10″ x 19″

This case from Evercase is a high quality model with a budget price tag. Do not let the low price fool you, you’re getting quality with this one. This bag can handle two cameras, and fits anything from a DSLR, to a full frame, to a compact or mirrorless camera. The bottom compartment is removable and the space can be used for more gear or even an extra set of clothing.

Top Rated for Comfort

There is no understating the importance of comfort. When traveling or hiking long distances a poorly designed and uncomfortable bag will cut your sessions short and lower your enjoyment. Most low cost models are no good for more than a few hours before you start to get fatigued. But a comfortably designed model will allow you to go longer without tiring out. Your image quality can also suffer when fatigue sets in making it even more important to stay as comfortable as possible. With that in mind, investing in improved comfort is truly a no brainer. If you have a lot of heavy gear the design of your pack plays a huge role in how you are going to feel at the end of the day.

Peak Design Everyday Messenger Travel Bag

  • Features removable flex fold dividers
  • Capacity for one large DSLR camera and up to three lenses
  • Features a built in tripod carrier
  • Constructed of durable waterproof waxed Kodra
  • Offers a magnetic clasp closure and four ladder lock points

As stated before, Peak Designs makes exceptional photography bags and this is another top of the line model. The look is great and is one of my personal favorites for when shooting street photography. To start, the strap offers geometric padding for a truly comfortable feel. It sits well when on and doesn’t rub or bounce awkwardly. This bag even works great for when riding a bike. It has enough space to safely store a DSLR with a mounted lens along with room for up to two more lenses. It also has a couple of pockets that can handle a laptop or even an iPad and other gear.

Lowepro Inverse 200AW Beltpack Camera Case

  • Plenty of storage space
  • Can hold a DSLR camera with an attached zoom lens
  • Space for up to 2 additional lenses
  • Comfortable contoured 3D designed mesh adjustable belt
  • Has a fast access top entry for quick gear changes
  • Offers an all weatherproof cover
  • Shoulder pad is detachable

If a backpack or shoulder strap design just isn’t going to cut it then a waist strapped option is for you. This one fits the bill. There are times when a backpack or shoulder case is in the way of your shot but with this Lowpro that is not a concern. It provides storage for a pro size DSLR camera and multiple lenses with just enough spare room for memory cards and a battery. It is very comfortable and offers quick access to the top entry. Excellent overall value at this price too.

Cases For Traveling Lightweight

No matter if you are taking a quick trip to the other side of the city or a weekend road trip you probably will not being needing a giant travel camera case and instead will want to go with one that won’t weigh you down. A high quality, lightweight bag will let you fully explore your environment and not be tired out before you capture the perfect shot. Being able to travel light, with just the equipment you need for the day is the way to go. Instead of being distracted by too many gear choices, you can focus instead on your composition and get some breathtaking photographs. The following bags will allow you to store your mirrorless, DSLR, or full frame along with a couple lenses and memory cards. All you need for a day behind the camera.

Manfrotto Advanced Befree Backpack

  • Lightweight advanced Befree pack
  • Includes a waterproof rain cover
  • Comes with a five year limited warranty
  • Offers back access for camera and lenses
  • Can secure a DSLR camera with a mounted lens
  • Features an expandable side pocket for a tripod

This is one of my favorite lightweight camera bags. It offers back access to keep your camera and lens safe and out of sight. It also has a side case for a Befree Manfrotto tripod which easily one of the best for travel I’ve used. There is enough space for a DSLR camera with a mounted lens up to telephoto size. There is room for up to six additional lenses. There is a space for your smaller gear like batteries and memory cards. With this bag you not only get great functionality and storage space but also a great look. Add in space for a laptop and a tablet and you have an exceptional overall value.

Lowepro m-Trekker BP 150

  • Constructed from strong and durable materials
  • Offers access from the side for added security from theft
  • Can hold a laptop
  • The interior panels are customizable
  • All weather cover included
  • Can handle a DSLR, Mirrorless, or Full Frame camera
  • Space for a tripod

This is another awesome offering from Lowepro. I am a huge fan of their line of travel bags and this lightweight model is another winner. It is designed with the traveling photographer in mind and is very popular for it’s design and superior quality. It is offers a compact layout that can handle multiple lenses as well as a camera body. You will have no issue packing your small equipment as well. It has a great casual look that will help the day traveler fit in without drawing a ton of attention to the fact that you are a photographer. This makes it great for shooting on a hike or on the streets.

Keedox Barbarians Waist Bag

  • High quality 600D fabric construction
  • Offers excellent padding to protect your photography gear
  • Fully waterproof
  • Features a number of external pockets for storage
  • Straps to the waist with a strong durable buckle
  • Measures 12″ x 10″ x 5″

This is an excellent option for those looking for a lightweight waist bag. Ideal for long walks as it is very comfortable even with extended use. Even when loaded it is well balanced and offers easy access for grabbing gear on the go. If you want to convert to a shoulder bag you can with the included strap. The inner padding feature is divided so you can organize your gear with space for your camera and up to two lenses. There is space for small items in the external compartments. Great lightweight waist bag for the day traveler.

Best Carry On Photo Bags

If you are like me and travel by air with your camera gear then you understand the importance of a having a solid carry on sized model. The needs of air travel require a bag that fits in the overhead bins of all the major carriers. And there are times when I do not want to check my camera gear, because let’s be honest, they don’t always treat your luggage with the care it needs. One of the easiest ways to avoid an unfortunate, and costly, accident is getting one of the top rated carry on camera cases. Here are the ones that rose above the rest.

Portabrace Carry On Camera Case

  • Offers protection for ENG viewfinders
  • Features thick padding and a strong frame
  • Very lightweight and compact design
  • Fits in most overhead compartments
  • Features a camera stabilizing system
  • Durable and scratch resistant nylon shell

This is a worry free overhead camera case. It is the perfect size for taking as a carry on and it offers excellent protection for your expensive camera equipment. It satisfies TSA size requirements meaning you won’t be saddled with unexpected charges for checking a bag. It provides serious padding and protection for worry free travel. With a total of three pockets on the outside you can store small gear and items along with your camera and lens in the main compartment.

Shimoda Designs Carry-On Roller

  • Appropriate carry on size for all major airlines
  • Offers quick access
  • Bag volume is expandable
  • Can carry as a backpack or roll it
  • Very lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • Numerous optional inserts available

Shimoda offers some awesome looking cases and bags and this is one of my favorites they offer. The look is unique and it comes in multiple color options to fit your personal taste. The Explore offers a quick and easy access opening. It rolls smooth making it easy to move to your gate without having to carry it the whole way. It offers numerous customization options allowing you to separate your camera equipment from your personal items. It can also handle a tripod which most carry one won’t be able to do. It has a large capacity, allowing you to bring a DSLR with a mounted lens along with up to six more lenses.

Vanguard Havana 48-Backpack

  • Can hold a tripod
  • Waterproof rain cover
  • Offers superior padding to protect your gear
  • Can handle one camera with an attached lens and up to three more lenses
  • Measures 18.8″ x 9.5″ x 12″

This is one of the best all around carry on camera bags I reviewed. It is ideal for air travel and will fit most overhead compartments. I also like the design as it will not draw unwanted attention from would be camera thieves. This means expensive gear is safer when traveling. It also offers space for a laptop and doubles as a great day gear bag. It is quite popular with traveling street photographers. It makes long and short trips much safer for your gear. With space for a camera with a mounted lens along with another three lenses this is a solid all around option.

All Inclusive Case Recommendations

I spend a lot of time on the go with my camera gear. For both professional shoots and for the fun of shooting a new locale. As a matter of fact, I rarely travel anywhere without my camera and because of that I have accumulated a ton of bags over the years. I could have saved a good chunk of money if I had discovered the following bags sooner as they cover so many traveling situations. If you need a bag that can handle a long trip as well as a day shoot then these are the cases for you.

WANDRD – Hexad Carryall Travel Duffel Bag

  • Efficient design allows full access to all three large internal compartments
  • Features cubes for securing your cameras
  • Padded sleeve feature
  • Provides access from side
  • RFID security pocket
  • Camera section can be removed
  • Measures 9″ x 14″ x 22″

This is a highly versatile bag that can go from a dedicated camera bag to standard carry on luggage with the quick interior change. It offers great organization for your camera gear and easy access from multiple locations. Makes it easy to use as a day bag for switching gear. It is weather proof to keep your equipment dry and damage free. It has plenty of room for your other items and clothing. It can be used as a hand bag or backpack. With a great price and tons of versatility this is an exceptional value.

Lowepro Vertex 300 AW Backpack

  • Large capacity holds up to two DSLR cameras and up to eight lenses
  • Can hold a monopod or tripod
  • Offers comfortable padding and a lightweight harness system
  • Fully adjustable
  • Unique glide locking system
  • Provides protection from all weather

This professional level travel camera case is for the rugged photographer who needs a bag that can handle the rigors of outdoor photography. It is very popular with professional sports photographers, photojournalists and more. The construction quality is top of the line and ready to last for years of use. It features water resistant zippers and is weather sealed with the included cover to keep your gear safe and dry. It has ample space for bringing a ton of gear or packing personal items.


  • High quality nylon construction
  • Can hold one camera body and up to three lenses
  • Professional photographer look and design
  • Offers fully padded compartment dividers
  • Dedicated space for laptop and a tablet
  • Large opening for easy access
  • Measures 14″ x 10.8″ x 7.5″

This is an excellent option for those looking for a lower price tag without losing quality. This is an ideal for the traveler who needs their camera, laptop, and a few lenses. Pack your full sized DSLR and your favorite lenses and off you go. Pocket for a laptop and a tablet as well. You won’t have much more room for other items but if that is all you need this is a great budget friendly option.

Top Traveling Bags for Day to Day Use

If you need to travel with a lot of personal items then you will likely need a separate bag for just your camera gear. If that sounds like you these are the cases you are looking for. These models will allow you to keep your camera gear in a dedicated place. Easy to keep an eye on and carry with you wherever you go.

Tenba Solstice Backpack

  • Offers quick rear access
  • Large capacity can carry up to two cameras and 7 lenses
  • Offers a pocket for your laptop
  • Features multiple side pockets and room for a tripod
  • High quality weather resistant construction
  • Durable rip stop stitching

This model offers excellent security with the rear access point. You can pull out gear without putting the bag down on the ground. This is a great feature for those who are traveling to areas where there are would be thieves. The large capacity internal compartment can handle a lot of gear. Up to two cameras and seven lenses can easily be packed safely inside. It also offers a front facing pocket that is perfect for placing small items as well as straps for lashing a coat or a jacket.

Earth Pak Waterproof Travel Backpack

  • Large Capacity – 22L
  • Features three access spots with locking zippers
  • Fully padded dividers are customizable
  • Offers two zipper interior pockets along with two mesh pockets
  • Multiple padded handles for comfortable carry

This is an awesome travel photo bag with great features. The large main compartment has ample space for camera and lenses. The extensive padding provides excellent protection from bumps and thumps. It is also designed to fit directly inside a Prima bag which is an excellent upgrade option but not required. I was able to safely place my mirrorless camera along with seven lenses and a spare battery, memory cards and a flash. The bag can be strapped to the waist or slung over the shoulder. This is a very solid option.

Lowepro Nova 180 AW II Camera Bag

  • Ingenious collapsible bellow system provides crush protection
  • Bag can be neatly folded flat for easy storage when not in use
  • Durable construction
  • Great minimalist design
  • Offers many pockets for storing photography gear
  • Handles offer leather hand holds

This is an excellent day to day sling style camera case. It offers a professional look while still being durable enough to protect your camera equipment. It can hold one camera body and up to two lenses. It also has a tablet spot in the back of the bag. This is a lightweight, well priced sling that should last you many years of travel.

Outdoor and Hiking Photographer Bags

One of my favorite things is to combine my passion for photography with hiking. And a hiking photographer needs a backpack that can handle all their gear as well as their trail needs. I frequently head into the woods with my camera and lenses as well as a tent and dehydrated food packs. Don’t forget water and your rain gear! Add in the need for durable materials to prevent tears while out in the middle of nowhere and it can be a tall order to find the right model. It takes a special pack to handle this type of trip and you can find the best models below.

f-stop – Lotus Bundle

  • This large capacity 32L bag holds a lot
  • Offers weather protection
  • Strong and durable design
  • Easy access real entry
  • The bundle pack includes the Lotus, Slope Medium and Gatekeepers
  • Measures 20.5″ x 13″ x 11″

The F Stop Lotus strikes a bold profile out on the trail. It comes in multiple colors and is ideal for the adventurous photographer going out in the great outdoors. Bright color trail backpacks help you not lose your bag (or your expensive gear) when you set it down. This orange color really stands out against the greens and browns of the forest. This pack provides easy access to your gear and camera equipment making it so you don’t miss a shot looking through your bag. It offers excellent weather proofing to keep all your stuff dry. The straps are strong and comfortable as well.

Shimoda Designs EXPLORE 40

  • Features multiple openings for quick access
  • Offers a fully adjustable harness system
  • The camera inserts can be customized to your personal needs
  • Comfortable when carried
  • Has a laptop pocket
  • Measures 11.4″ x 22.4″ x 10.2″

Shimoda makes it on the best list again with the Explore 40. Like the roller model already mentioned, this well designed bag is of the highest quality. The bag layout is very well thought out making it a joy to use. It’s also fully customizable so you can get the layout just how you want it. You get plenty of space for your camera equipment as well as your hiking gear. This bag can handle a day hike or an extended camping photography trip.

Amazon Basics Hiker Camera and Laptop Backpack

  • Exceptionally lightweight and durable design
  • Popular with hikers and sports photographers
  • Can store a camera with attached lens along with other photography gear
  • Well padded for protection
  • Offers top load for easy access
  • Features a tripod pocket
  • Includes a rain cover to keep your gear dry

This hiker camera bag has plenty of space including a dedicated laptop slot. It can handle plenty of gear for both cameras and hiking so you can best enjoy your time in the outdoors. The side pocket is customizable offering an additional access point. You also get a weather proof rain cover to keep all your stuff dry even when spending days hiking. You get multiple small pockets for all your small gear and personal items. They can handle memory cards, battery, keys and more.

Tactical Photography Picks

If you plan on upping your adventure intensity beyond what the hiking bags above can handle then this is the section for you. If you are going on the equivalent of a safari then you need a bag that was designed to handle the harshest conditions. Nature and wildlife photographers also need a bag that will help them blend into their surroundings so as not to scare off their subjects. While I definitely take a photography vest with me, the following bags are also a must when venturing for real wildlife photography.

Arc’teryx Leaf Drypack 25

  • Offers versatile pouches
  • Features an internal velcro loop panel
  • Large main compartment has an internal zippered pocket
  • Built in inflation valve for flotation ability
  • Strong durable shoulder straps
  • Features a sternum strap and hip belt

This assault style pack is ideal for the photographer who needs to stay camouflaged while taking photographs in nature. This pack offers a large main compartment that handles optional inserts for organizing your gear. Set it up how you wish to best hold your camera and equipment. This bag works well on long trips on foot or by bus, train, or air. It is more comfortable than most tactical style bags even when fully loaded. The coolest feature is the inflatable valve making it buoyant to prevent sinking in a river or lake.

SHANGRI-LA Multi-Functional Tactical

  • Constructed of highly durable 1000D nylon
  • Features rear padding that conforms to your body for added comfort
  • Features front pockets allowing quick access to gear
  • Hidden security pocket
  • Easy to grab items out of large internal compartment
  • Comes with a two year warranty

This tactical photo bag offers tremendous versatility and plenty of useful features. It offers numerous carrying options, from messenger style to a sling bag. You can also strap it to your waist, which offers excellent weight distribution. This bag is not so big that it will get in the way of your photography while offering ample space for all of your gear. I was able to fit my camera and a couple lenses along with all my small items. The bottom of the bag is perfect for cables and even a tripod. It is very comfortable and a great value.

Stylish Photo Cases

Most of my cases have seen a lot of use and show their age. I personally like the worn in look as it reminds me of all the miles and great experiences I’ve enjoyed along the way. But sometimes the old beat up camera bag just won’t cut it. When traveling to a fancy photo job or event or even when staying in an upscale hotel, you might want to bring the modern and stylish camera case instead. I have even found the “higher class” bags have started conversations that led to gigs I probably would not have got otherwise. If you’re in the market for one of these bags check the top rated picks below.

Oberwerth Richard Black Camera Bag

  • Large capacity can handle two cameras along with multiple lenses
  • Features a padded interior for protection
  • Offers weather, bump, and shock proofing
  • The padding is adjustable to fit your needs
  • There is space for a laptop
  • Features the LOXX locking system
  • 100% leather

This is one of my favorite of the “fancy” options out there. It is a premium bag for the most serious photographers. It will give you the look of prestige and people will take notice. This isn’t a bag for the hobbyist or occasional photographer. There’s no question that this bag is suited for high end surroundings. You won’t find it out in the back country. This bag is very popular with wedding and corporate event photographers.

Billingham Hadley Pro

  • Features a insert for cameras that secures with a press stud
  • Offers multiple slip pockets
  • Features a back zipper pocket
  • Includes weather protective interior top divider to keep your gear safe
  • Can hold a camera and lens with room for a flash or extra battery
  • Measures 13.8″ x 4.8″ x 11″

This smart sling style bag is a sophisticated travel worthy option. The color options are wonderful and you are certain find one that fits your style. It is scuff resistant making it look great for longer. This professional photographers bag is popular with event and wedding photographers. It offers enough space for a camera and two more decent sized items. Not the biggest model on the list but it offers a great look while being comfortable.

Rofozzi DSLR Leather Camera Bag

  • Customize it with the removable insert
  • Constructed of handmade leather with a great look
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Offers padded inserts for added protection
  • Carry by hand or over the shoulder/crossbody
  • Features a rear zippered pocket
  • Measures
  • 13″ x 10.6″ x 5″

This is a great looking bag that does not compromise on functionality. The large interior is lined with durable canvas. It offers quality sipper and magnetic closures along with space for your key, phone and an iPad. This model does not instantly announce that you are the photographer which is great for events where you want to blend in with the crown. It comes in at a solid price to go with the great features.

Heavy Protective Cases

There are times where the traveling photographer will find themselves going to places that can be very hard on our equipment. That can lead to costly damage and replacement of equipment. Early in my career I took a trip to Europe with my most expensive camera, and it was demolished before I could snap a picture. The best steps you can take to avoid the loss of gear to damage is to get the most rugged case possible. If you find yourself traveling with expensive gear take a look at the following picks, they will keep your camera gear safe and you happy.

Lowepro Hardside 200 Photo Case

  • Can hold a large DSLR with a mounted lens and up to six more lenses and accessories
  • Highly durable ABS polymer construction for ultimate protection
  • Features backpack straps that stow away
  • Completely water and dust proof
  • Case is airtight with built in gaskets for a strong seal
  • Can be carried on with most airlines

Lowepro is obviously one of the best makers of protective photography cases. This model is one I would trust with my most cherished equipment. It provides hard case protection in a carry on size. You can fit a lot of equipment in this case making it ideal for trips long and short. The large interior insert keeps your items separate and free from bumping into each other. The interior is also customizable. There are multiple inner pockets that are perfect for smaller items. This is a great case at a very reasonable price.


  • Constructed of abrasion resistant materials
  • Can handle most camera rigs
  • 1000D nylon shell is rip resistant
  • Made in the USA
  • Features a thick interior foam frame
  • Offers plenty of additional storage space
  • Waterproof and slip resistant material

Portacase is a lesser known maker but don’t let that fool you. This is a high quality bag. They are largely marketed for the video camera user but they can also handle your photography gear. Whether you use a camcorder or a mirrorless or DSLR this case will serve you well. It is a soft shell case but it is made of very strong and durable material. You can also carry it in hand or use the shoulder strap. Comes in at a great low price too.

Arco Video Dr. Bag 20

  • Fits cameras and video cameras
  • Fully water resistant
  • Hard shell exterior for protection
  • Padded interior dividers are fully removable
  • Offers a large exterior pocket
  • Includes a shoulder strap and trolley strap

This is another case designed with the videographer in mind. But it can also handle DSLR, full fram, and mirrorless cameras. The included dividers provide exceptional protection from bumps and drops. The opening is like an old fashion doctors bag providing easy and quick access to your gear. It is very easy to pack and unpack for the traveling photographer on the go. The price is a little high but for the quality it is a solid value.