Abstract Macro Photography Ideas

Last Updated on April 26, 2021

macro photograph of lizards eye

The melding of abstract and macro photography can produce stunning photos. Read on for some abstract macro photography ideas!

Top Tips For Macro Surreal Photography

Look for patterns

In the world of macro photography, there are no repeats found in nature. A great way to find abstract opportunities is to look at or think about any patterns you see in nature, such as a curving line of leaves or the way light plays off water droplets on a leaf.

Look at natural objects with a new perspective

Many people see the world in a very literal way. Abstraction helps you see beyond the obvious and create something new. Look at nature with a fresh set of eyes, and see what could be hidden inside.

Follow your instincts but use logic

As you experiment with abstract macro photography, one of your biggest obstacles will be distinguishing between something that looks beautiful to you and something that is actually good from a technical perspective. Remember to always use the correct settings and take advantage of natural lighting but also follow your instincts about when a scene is completely worth pursuing.

Turn off the focus lock

If you are struggling to make sense of abstract photography, turn off the focus lock on your macro lens. This gives you more freedom to take advantage of the entire frame and gives your images a more abstract feel.

Get closer

If you are willing to get up close and personal, you can create some really interesting abstract images. Try to use a macro lens if possible or at least set the camera up so that it zooms in as close as possible. Then start exploring the world around you with your new perspective!

Allow yourself time to experiment

Abstract macro photography is definitely an acquired skill and learning it takes time and patience. If you are looking for abstract opportunities, look for places where you can take your time to explore and get creative with your settings.

Understand the rule of thirds

If you have mastered subtle abstraction with your macro photography, think about using the rule of thirds to create more abstract shots. This is a simple concept — try to place your main subject(s) along two horizontal lines or to place them along two vertical lines. Allowing your subjects to fall along these lines will make them appear more prominent than they would otherwise.

Play with color

The world is full of color and it can be a great way to create abstract macro shots. Remember to never use the same colors every time you take a picture, or your shots will start to blend together. Find interesting colors in nature, and then experiment with different lighting situations until you find one that will result in a shot that pops.

Shoot from different angles and perspectives to add interest to your pictures

Composition is critical to creating good abstract macro photography. Look for different angles, and move around your subject to shoot from different backgrounds.

Add some motion blur to create a soft feel in your images

Macro photography is all about tiny details, so on the surface, adding motion blur might seem like a strange concept. However, it can actually be a great way to add some subtle movement and still keep your subject in focus if you want to avoid abstraction and keep your photos as literal as possible.

Shoot macro of water droplets

Water is everywhere and it can also create beautiful abstract images when shot in macro. If you have lots of falling rain or even a simple water fountain, try setting up close and shooting some high-speed bursts from a tripod to capture motion in the droplets.

Experiment with different shutter speeds to discover new effects

Achieving interesting abstract macro photography means playing around with experimental settings like long shutter speeds. Look for opportunities to capture motion in different ways.

Mix up your perspective by shooting from below

Macro photography is all about being up close and personal, so you can really use this opportunity to create some interesting shots by shooting from a low angle. Things that are normally considered ugly or distracting will take on new meaning when seen through the eyes of someone who has taken the time to learn macro photography techniques!

Bottom Line

The melding of abstract and macro photography can produce stunning photos with the right technique and perspective. The key is to get behind the camera and shoot as many images while iterating these tips and other discoveries you make along the way.