Best Desk for Artists

Are you searching for the best desk for artists?

I’ve used a few art desks over the years and having a high quality desk designed specifically for the needs of an artists is a worthwhile investment. I’ve reviewed the top artists desks and after reading this article you will know my recommendations.

Best Desk for Artists Top Reviews

art desk with paints

Studio Designs Futura Tower Art desk

This is my favorite overall desk for artists. It provides space for all of your supplies. Whether you are a painter, into arts and crafts, drafting, scrap booking or more this is an exceptional artists desk. It looks amazing and doesn’t short change functionality or organization in the process. This art desk features a 33″ x 21″ working surface constructed of blue, tempered safety glass. An art desk must be stable to prevent it getting in the way of your projects. This desk’s frame is made using heavy gauge steel that is incredible stable and strong and won’t wobble or shift while you are working on your projects. This is an exceptional desk for all artists.

  • Ideal desk for artists of all mediums
  • Large glass work surface
  • Great looks
  • Well constructed and stable
  • Plenty of space for your art supplies

LITTLE TREE Multi Function Drawing Desk

This is a top desk for craft work, scrap booking and drawing and sketch artists. It provides plenty of storage space for all of your art supplies and offers an adjustable angle work station perfect for drawing, drafting, crafting and more. The open clean design looks great and is excellent for those who want a smart and functional artists desk. The frame is very solid and constructed of durable steel that won’t wobble while you work. This is an excellent artists desk for those who want a clean traditional work space.

  • Ideal desk for crafting, scrap booking, drafting and drawing and sketch artists
  • Adjustable angled work space
  • Storage space for art supplies
  • Strong and durable construction

OneSpace 50-CS01 Craft Station

This art desk is a excellent option for drafting, sketching, and drawing artists. The large work surface is constructed of blue safety glass. This desk looks great while offering exceptional functionality. This artist desk comes with adjustable storage trays for efficient supply stowing. The supply slots on the work area keep your most used tools right at hand but out of the way of your work. The frame is constructed of durable steel and provides stability while working. This art desk also features locking castor wheels making moving it around simple. This is an excellent desk for drafting, drawing and sketching.

  • Ideal artist desk for drafting, drawing, and sketching
  • Large work surface
  • Plenty of storage for your art supplies
  • Sturdy and durable frame
  • Excellent value

SD Studio Designs Comet Art Desk

This minimalist style desk for artists is ideal for those who have limited space. The large work surface is adjustable allowing you to set it at your ideal angle. The work space has a pencil ledge so you can keep your supplies right at hand. The separate storage drawers offer ample space for keeping all of your art supplies and the padded stool is included as well! This artist desk features a sturdy frame that creates a stable work station that won’t shift while you work. The work surface measures 36″ x 2.75″ and the desk measures 50″ x 2.75″ x 29.5″. If you have a small art space this is an excellent desk to go with.

  • Ideal art desk for smaller spaces
  • Large work surface
  • Plenty of art supply storage space
  • Durable construction

Artist’s Loft Arts & Crafts Creative Center

This is a great multi media artist desk. If you work in multiple art mediums this is an excellent desk choice. It provides lots of storage space so you can keep all your art supplies right where you need them. The desk top work space is large and features an adjustable angle so you can set it at the perfect angle for your height. This art desk features pencil, pen, and paint brush holders and a pencil ledge. It additionally has storage drawers built in providing plenty of space for most artists. The frame provides stability and I experienced no movement while working. This is an exceptional desk for artists who work in multiple mediums.

  • Ideal artist desk for those who need plenty of storage space
  • Built in pen, pencil, and brush holders
  • Pencil ledge
  • Storage drawers
  • Stable and sturdy construction
  • Excellent value

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  1. Studio Designs Futura Tower Art Desk
  2. LITTLE TREE Multi Function Drawing Desk
  3. OneSpace 50-CS01 Craft Station
  4. SD Studio Designs Comet Art Desk
  5. Artist’s Loft Arts & Crafts Creative Center