Best Art Markers

Last Updated on March 17, 2021

Are you searching for the best art markers for beginners to professionals?

I’ve used many styles of art markers over the years and not all are created equal. With that in mind I have reviewed the top art markers available today and after reading this article you will know my recommendations.

Best Art Markers Top Reviews

artist working with markers

Mastermarkers Permanent Professional Dual Tip Alcohol Double Ended Art Markers

This professional quality art marker set is ideal for the artist looking for the largest color range. This artist marker set features 160 high quality markers. No matter what you are drawing this set has the colors you need. Create exceptionally detailed drawings, sketches, illustrations and comics. These art markers excel at shading and blending colors allowing you to create realistic finished products. Featuring dual tips these art markers can do both chisel and brush strokes. The markers feel great in the hand and make it easy to produce accurate lines and shapes. The lines are clean and consistent with both tip types. This market set comes with a carrying case for easy storage and portability.

  • Best art markers for those seeking color options
  • Dual tipped
  • Accurate clean lines and shapes
  • Long lasting

ARTEZA Everblend Art Markers

These are my favorite art markers available. They provide exceptional color and line consistency. These markers are dual tipped making them perfect for the serious artist. Easily create shading, blending, and layering for ultra realistic illustrations. These art markers can be utilized on paper, wood, plastic, and glass making them ideal for most art mediums. The chisel tips create bold and wide lines while the fine tip end is ideal for finer details. This set comes with 120 vibrant colors but other options are available. The high quality carrying case makes traveling and caring for your markers simple. This is an exceptional art marker set for the serious artist.

  • Ideal art markers for the experienced artist
  • High quality dual tipped markers
  • Create shading, blending, and layering
  • For paper, wood, glass, and plastic

Prismacolor Premier Double Ended Art Markers

Best art markers for consistency in color. These markers feature a dye based ink that provides vivid color that comes out consistently throughout the life of the marker. These are dual tipped providing bold thick lines on the chisel end and exquisite detail with the fine tipped end. These markers works well for blending and shading and make layering your colors easy. This marker set comes with 72 professional quality art markers. This is an excellent set for intermediate and experienced artists.

  • Excellent art markers for intermediate and experienced artists
  • Dye based colors are vivid and vibrant
  • 72 professional quality markers
  • Long lasting

ARTEZA Everblend Skin Tone Art Markers

These art markers are ideal for the portrait artist. These high quality colors are designed for creating realistic skin tones for the portrait artist. These art markers are dual tipped for alternating between thick lines and creating fine details. These ultra realistic pigmented colors are ideal for the professional portrait artist and are long lasting. The colors are true and consistent throughout the life of the marker making them an exceptional value. These professional quality markers will be cherished by any portrait artist.

  • Ideal markers for the portrait artist
  • Ultra realistic skin tones
  • Dual tipped for bold lines and fine detail work
  • Excellent value

MILO 24 Art Marker Set Dual Tip Artist Markers

These art markers are specifically designed with the calligrapher in mind. The dual tipped markers provide consistent lines. The chisel end creates large bold lines and the fine tip creates consistent thin lines. The ink is alcohol based and provides a permanent color on paper, wood, plastic, and glass. The 48 colors included are ample for most calligraphy artists but larger sets are available if needed. These markers come with a manufacturer warranty and are an excellent value.

  • Ideal art markers for calligraphy
  • 48 vibrant colors
  • Long lasting
  • Manufacturer money back guarantee

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Here is the quick list one more time with the best art markers picks. To see prices and customer reviews view the links below.

  1. Mastermarkers Permanent Professional Dual Tip Alcohol Double Ended Art Markers
  2. ARTEZA Everblend Art Markers
  3. Prismacolor Premier Double Ended Art Markers
  4. ARTEZA Everblend Skin Tone Art Markers
  5. MILO 24 Art Marker Set Dual Tip Artist Markers