Best Pottery Tools

Last Updated on February 3, 2023

What are the best pottery tools for getting the job done? Whether you’re looking for tools for shaping, trimming, or finishing your pieces, there are a few key tools that you simply can’t do without. From simple sponges and ribs to advanced potter’s wheels and kilns, having the right tools will make your pottery experience much more enjoyable and productive. Whether you’re working on a small scale or looking to start a larger pottery studio, the right tools will help you bring your vision to life.

set of pottery tools on table

While tools do not make the artist, having the right tools prevents the tools from getting in the way of making your art. I’ve used a lot of different pottery tools over the years and for this article I’ve reviewed the top pottery tools on the market. After reading this article you will know my recommendations.

Best Pottery Tools Top Picks

Arteza Pottery & Clay Sculpting Tools

Arteza Polymer Clay Kit, Modeling Clay Oven Bake for Adults and Teens with 5 Sculpting Tools, 42 Colors, Made for Clay Earrings, Jewelry Making and Crafts

These pottery tools are excellent quality allowing for your artistic skill to shine through. Each ceramics tool is double sided and allows for many techniques. This 42 piece tool set includes numerous options for pottery shaping, cleaning, sculpting, and smoothing. They feel great in the hand even when used for extended periods of time. Shaping and finishing your pottery project is a joy and the quality of these tools shines through. All these clay tool tips are constructed from stainless steel that is strong enough to apply the necessary pressure without bending. These tools allow for precision in use. The included double ended rubber shapers are great for shaping projects and removing blemeshes from the surface of your clay. This is an exceptional ceramics tool set.

  • Top pottery tool set
  • High quality stainless steel tips
  • 42 pottery tools included
  • Excellent value

Tonsiki 61 Pieces Ceramic Clay Tools Set

Tonsiki 61 Pieces Ceramic Clay Tools Set, Modeling Pottery Clay Sculpting Tools Kits for Beginners Professional Art Crafts, Wood and Steel, Schools and Home Safe for Kids

This 61 piece pottery tool set is ideal for those seeking a comprehensive clay tools set. This ceramics tool kit includes all the tools you need for most clay projects. You will get tools for smoothing, shaping, sculpting, cutting, carving, modeling and more. The steel tips are strong while offering the right amount of flex under pressure. While not quite as strong as the set above, these pottery tools are of excellent quality and are extremely durable. The tips are corrosion resistant making them an excellent value. The wood handles are smooth and offer a good grip and feel. This is a great set of clay tools for beginners and intermediate artists.

  • Ideal pottery tools for beginners and intermediate artists
  • Steel tips are strong yet flexible
  • Carving, smoothing, cutting, sculpting, modeling tools and more
  • Good grip and feel
  • Excellent value

Pottery Tools 44PCS Ceramic Clay Sculpting Set

Pottery Tools, 44PCS Ceramic Clay Sculpting Tools Set with Plastic Case, for Beginners and Professional Art Crafts, by Augernis

These pottery tools are ideal for intermediate and experienced artists. The 44 piece set comes with implements for scrapping, chipping, carving, brushing, sculpting and more. The tips are constructed of strong steel and allow for precise detailing without breaking. The tips are durable enough to last years of consistent use making them an exceptional value. The wood handles felt great in the hand and are smooth, offering a good grip even during extended sculpting sessions. These tools work great on clay and pottery projects but are versatile enough for other mediums as well. The included carrying case will help ensure the sharp tips are protected when traveling or when stored ensuring a long life of use.

  • Ideal pottery tools for intermediate and advanced artists
  • Strong steel tips are flexible without breaking
  • Carving, cutting, sculpting, smoothing, modeling and more
  • Protective carrying case
  • Excellent value

Augernis Pottery Sculpting Tools Set

Augernis Ceramic Clay Tools, 45Pcs Pottery Sculpting Tools Set with Wooden Handles for Pottery Modeling, Smoothing, Carving, Beginners Kid's After Classes Club

Ideal pottery tool set for beginners seeking great performance without the premium price tag. This 45 piece ceramics set includes all the tools an artist starting in clay will need. This set includes color shaping tools that allow for blending colors and for removing surface blemishes. These steel tipped tools include a ball stylus for making lines and dots as well as knives perfect for modeling, shaping, cutting, and scraping projects. This set also includes a moisture sponge for removing or adding moisture during sculpting. These tools offer strong tips and smooth handles making them an excellent pottery tool set for beginners.

  • Top pottery tools for beginners
  • 45 piece pottery set
  • Carving, sculpting, smoothing, cutting, modeling and more
  • Good grip and feel
  • Strong tips
  • Excellent value

Skilled Crafter Pottery Tools

This is another great pottery tool set for intermediate and experienced artists. They are great for precise clay and pottery sculpting. This ceramics tool package includes tools for carving, smoothing, modeling, sculpting, cutting and more. The steel tips are strong and durable. They allow for some flex when applying pressure but do not lose their precision. The smooth wooden handles feel great in the hand while providing an excellent grip. These tools feel great even while working for extended periods on large projects. These tools will last years if well cared for making them a great value for intermediate and advanced pottery artists.

  • Excellent pottery tools for intermediate and experienced artists
  • High quality steel tips provide precise sculpting
  • Carving, smoothing, cutting, modeling and more
  • Great grip and feel
  • Exceptional value

Blisstime Set of 42 Clay Sculpting Tool Kit

Blisstime Set of 42 Clay Sculpting Tool Wooden Handle Pottery Carving Tool Kit

This is an excellent ceramic tools set that is ideal for the beginner or intermediate clay sculptor. This set comes with 42 high quality pieces that are great for shaping clay, carving your ceramics, cutting, brushing, cutting and modeling all in one excellent value package. Each of the tools are well constructed and built to last for years of use. These ceramics tools are double sided giving you plenty of options for bringing your artistic vision to life. The handles are smooth and comfortable in the hand making them ideal for long sculpting sessions working your clay. The tips are constructed from strong stainless steel as well. The handy carrying case makes storing and transporting your pottery tools a breeze. The case keeps your tools organized and in good condition. This is a great overall clay tool set for the beginner and intermediate ceramics artist.

  • Top ceramic tools for the intermediate and beginner artist
  • Easily shape, model, sculpt, and form your clay projects
  • Durable double ended design
  • Strong storage container
  • Excellent value

Meuxan 33PCS Clay & Pottery Sculpting Tool Kit

Meuxan 30PCS Pottery Tools Clay Sculpting Tool Set

This is a top value ceramics tool set best suited for those seeking good quality clay tools at a lower price point. This tool set includes 33 pieces that are well constructed and perform great when sculpting your clay. It comes with all the tools needed to get started creating ceramics projects. The set includes clay sculpting tools, color shapers, and ball styluses and sculpting knives. This set will allow you to blend colors, make dots, remove fingerprints, and so much more. Many of the tools are double ended for added versatility. These pottery tools feel good in the hand and are built to last you many years. With the amount of quality tools and the low price tag this is an excellent value sculpting tool set for intermediate and beginner artists.

  • Top value potters tool set
  • Well constructed and low price point
  • 33 piece ceramics and clay tool set
  • Great value and performance

8 Pack Pottery Tools HityTech Stainless Steel Carving

Cafurty 8 PCS Pottery Tools, HityTech Stainless Steel Carving Shaping Knives Clay Sculpture Hand Tools Craft Trimming Artist Ceramic Tools Set for Carving, Shaping, Clay Sculpture, Modeling

This is another top clay tool option for artists looking for high quality implements with a lower price tag. This 8 piece set is ideal for the clay sculptor. Included tools are a smoothing knife, cleaning, engraving, sculpting, and shaping tools. These ceramic tools offer excellent value and performance allowing you to make precise sculpting with your ceramic projects. The rubber handles are very comfortable and offer an excellent grip meaning that the tools will not slip from your hand. This will help improve the quality of your pottery projects. These tools are a very good value and offer excellent feel and build quality making them a top choice for beginners up to professional artists.

  • Top value pottery tools set
  • Best suited for beginners to professional ceramic artists
  • Durable construction
  • Comfortable runner grip handles

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