Welcome to The Main Museum where we strive to offer the latest information to artists in multiple fields including photography, painting, and sculpture. The team at The Main Museum have over 30 years of experience as professional artists and instructors who have taught at all academic levels.

Our writers primarily focus on photography and have experience in many styles, including portraits, landscape, wildlife, sports and real estate photography.

Josephine Ortega: With over fifteen years as a professional photographer, Josephine is our content editor and writer. She works for The Main Museum as well as running her own photography business where she focuses on real estate and portraiture. You can reach Josephine at joseph@themainmuseum.org

Fred Campbell: Fred is our new travel photographer. He focuses on landscape, wildlife, and sports photography. He travels all around the world in his freelance photography business and he writes many of the location photography guides on The Main Museum.

Bradley James: Brad writes primarily on portrait and technical photography subjects. He has experience working as a photography instructor and running his own photography studio. Brad is semi-retired but still enjoys teaching on all subjects of photography.

Julie Barber: Julie covers all other art topics and has experience as a painting and ceramics teacher. She still teaches part time and writes for The Main Museum.